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Yoga For Your Feet by pluggz

We all know yoga has many attributes, not the least of which is inducing tranquility and achieving a sense of balance and peace. What if this peace transcended through your body down to your feet – and up from your feet through your entire body? Yoga for your feet. This would be a very cool experience, right? So often we just focus spreading peace and energy in to our inner core, but peacefulness can also stretch into and from the most used parts of our body, our feet.

Simply put, our feet help to maintain our connection with the Earth, and they also allow us to be mobile and get to where we need to go. They are the stem to our roots – literally and figuratively. We may stand for hours at a time at work, push ourselves on power walks, spin while high speed cycling, or take an extra twirl dancing. All these activities and more can take a toll on our feet.

The everyday strains from working long hours can also take a toll and induce negative energies which seep into the rest of our body. The good news is it doesn’t take a lot of time or work to rectify this mistreatment. It’s as simple as taking a few minutes out of the day to ensure that our main connectors to the earth, our feet, are balanced and energized through yoga for your feet.

The way to do this is to have a more open, direct connection between our bodies and the ground we stand on. This enables us to have a direct connection to the earth’s powerful, natural energy sources and absorb its beneficial energy; kind of like yoga for your feet. Removing barriers such as modern insulating shoes is essential to achieving this optimal connection. Our feet are often forgotten and they are one of the most crucial parts of our body. They are also most worn and overused, dare we say “abused”. Most certainly, they are under appreciated.  We are hearing about this more and more in the press these days; the harmful effect that pinched toes and high heels have on our bodies. It’s vital we bring back peace and energy to and through our feet.

Another problem is that many shoes actually inhibit the beneficial flow of the Earth’s natural electrical currents. According to Dr. Mercola, “Traditionally shoes were made of leather, which actually conducts electrons and therefore maintains a conductive contact between the Earth and your feet. However modern day rubber and plastics are electrical insulators and therefore block the beneficial flow of electrons from the Earth to your body.”

There is good news, however, and a way to experience the benefits of being at peace and being balance to our bodies without taking out your yoga mat. There is a new line of footwear and they are called pluggz. What is so unique and special about pluggz is that they are infused with a piece of carbon and rubber in the form of a soft plug that sits right under the most sensitive part of our feet – the ball of the foot or metatarsal area. This is a conductor and enables the flow of the Earth’s natural energy in to our bodies, so even when we can’t find time to ground ourselves in a yoga class or stroll barefoot on the grass, we can still take a piece of grounding with is while on our way to work, or commuting home; even while out for a social time. Because of their unique construction, pluggz can act as yoga for your feet.

Another matter of related impact is of that one of top reported causes of feet and leg (and body) soreness is due to inflammation. Studies show that grounding has been found to help alleviate this condition through our entire bodies. It is important to keep grounded, not only in peace of mind, but to find footing in soothing remedies for all parts of our bodies. Let pluggz introduce yoga for your feet through their unique sandals and flats.

A more in depth look at grounding (earthing) and all of its benefits, in layman terms

For 4.6 billion years, the Earth has been around and throughout many changes, it has held a serious long-term relationship with humans. Human beings have connected with the earth in many ways, from ancient civilizations worshipping the sun, to using the earth’s raw material to build pyramids; to harvesting the land for both sustenance and commerce –humans have always had a natural connection with the very ground we walk on.

Since the advent of technology, however, we have grown more and more disconnected from nature and the earth with each progress that has been made. From walking on the ground, to driving around in cars (just take a look at the freeways in rush hour), we are slowly losing our direct connection. And this increased distance between us and the ground has been ever growing. Although new discoveries are to be celebrated, we should never lose touch with our natural, powerful and beneficial roots. This way of thinking has sparked a new way to live: grounding.

Grounding: The Science Behind The Hottest Wellness Trend by pluggz

So what actually is grounding? You may have already heard of it, but don’t quite understand its full powers and benefits. Grounding is allowing you to connect with nature and help restore the balance of being one with the earth, especially important in today’s high-tech world. So often we may find ourselves spending the bulk of the day indoors, whether it’s on the computer for work or even as a cure for boredom; or shuffling between meetings. It’s very important, however, to carve some time out of your day to reconnect yourself directly with the ground. The Earth’s you see is an electric field and stored inside is a potent, natural energy source, called electrons. Walking directly on the ground – barefoot on the grass, on a sandy beach for instance, or even on concrete sidewalks, is a great way to absorb the earth’s natural electrical charge that the ground emits. So it makes great sense to pause for a moment and taking an extra breath or two, is also a good thing.

Grounding, simply put, is reported to promote tranquility, reduce stress and foster a sense of peace, relaxation and overall well-being — a must in today’s hectic world. Getting stuck in traffic, being frustrated at work, or just flat out having a bad day — whatever the reason, carries negative energy. Grounding, also called earthing, is a way to release the negative, and embrace the positive. Sound a little hard to believe? Well, it may be a lot to take in, but the next time you feel like you’re about two seconds away from “losing it”, just pause and take a walk outside, find a piece of ground, kick off your shoes, or put on a pair of grounding shoes, ones that are conductive to the earth, and you will absorb the its natural energy and return to a more balanced state. You will become a believer.

Think back to our ancestors and the many archeological wonders they left in their paths. Think of how much of their time was spent outdoors, not just for work, but for leisure as well. We slowly lost that direct connection with the Earth with each step we took away from being part of our natural surroundings.

Rather than walking on the Earth directly, barriers such as most contemporary shoes, increase the gap and disconnect we have with the ground. They actually insulate us from this natural flow of energy. We’re not suggesting walking barefoot to work, or to the neighborhood store; that’s downright impractical for most of us. But by taking a few minutes to ground yourself, wherever you live, you’ll feel more of a sense of being connected. Taking your lunch outside, or sitting on the grass when the weather is nice are small steps we can take to absorbing all the benefits that grounding or earthing, has to offer.

Grounding: The Science Behind The Hottest Wellness Trend by pluggz

Once your body is grounded, the rate of influx changes immediately, and your body will absorb the amount of electrons it needs to rebalance the same electrical potential as the Earth and to restore what is missing in the body’s internal system.

Grounding has started to make itself known again in a new way; and rather than blocking it out with modern barriers again, we can appreciate the fact that Earth has been around for 4.6 billion years already. And, we all know it is not going anywhere soon. We need to take steps to embrace our surroundings and ground ourselves in understanding that there is a reason why it feels good to take a break, step outside and get our feet on the ground.