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We know, we know!  We write about sleep a lot.  That’s because it’s so important!

We all know it’s recommended that we all get between 7.0 and 8.0 hours of shut-eye at night. We all know that without adequate sleep, we’re more prone to injury, experience lack of focus and moodiness. We might even gain weight, since sleep is associated with several hormones directly related to appetite and energy.  Come on—we all do it—we’ll go for anything within easy that offers the body energy—seriously, are you really going to feel like making a healthy meal when you’re so tired?

But we also know it’s easier said than done. A lot can stand in our way—racing minds, worry, sirens, noisy neighbors—you name it.  But here are some simple things that may help you.

  • Don’t minimize the importance of a good mattress and box spring. We do spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed, so a good mattress is a vital.  So is the box spring, Even though we can’t see it, it has a big job, absorbing shocks and stress.
  • Don’t drink water right before bed, or you’ll be up all night running to the bathroom.
  • Incorporate some self care techniques, such meditation, soothing music, a relaxing hot bath; reading, doing some gentle stretching, etc.  Do NOT use the bedroom to watch television, eat or do any other non-sleep activities.
  • Invest in one of those “white noise boxes.”  They do exactly what it says—create white noise.
  • Play some soothing tapes, such as those with sounds of tweeting birds, rushing water, etc.
  • Turn off those electronics, like cell phones, beeping computers, radios, etc.
  • Write a “Nite Nite” paper–jot down every single thing that has you worried, annoyed or distracted in some way.  Then throw out the paper! The idea is you’ve just cleared your mind to make room for a peaceful sleep.


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Nature is abundance, and it’s all around us, free for the asking:  flowers, greenery, water, blue sky, wildlife.

Abundance is a vibration, and vibration is energy.

When your vibration is high, you’re positive, optimistic and happy. Everything seems to flow seamlessly, because the Universe sends you situations that have the same energy and vibration you are putting out. The Universe will bring you opportunities that match this feeling on an energetic basis, and that can be anything, from financial abundance to better relationships.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling negative and out of sorts—well, you’ll get that, too!Nature gives us:

  •  Flowers:  They’ve been acknowledged throughout history for their medicinal properties and often have cleansing and antimicrobial properties, and can boost immune systems, increase vitality and enhance mood.

 Speaking of mood, have you ever tried to stay in a bad one when you walk into a room filled with beautiful blooms and sweet scents?

  • Green:  Is associated with spring, renewal, refreshment and vitality.  Chinese medicine relates the color green to the liver (which is where wellness really begins), emotional stability and creativity.
  • Blue Sky: Look at blue and think trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, tranquility, calmness, faith, truth, and heaven. Considered beneficial to mind and body, that color slows metabolism and produces a calming effect—much like grounding. Sky symbolizes infinity- endless possibilities and freedom!
  • Water: A universal symbol of change, water is also associated with emotions, life and birth, forgiveness, spirituality—and the color blue.
  • Wildlife:  We think of animals in the jungle or in the wild, but many also use that word to define life out in the open, on your own, and on your own terms.