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The immune system is probably the most important one in the body, because it influences the entire body.  It’s the defense force, fighting, and stopping, those invaders both within and without the body.

Keep your immune system in tip top share. The better it works, the better the body will cope with all the toxicity it will come across—and vice versa, because the lighter the toxic load, the better your immune system will work.

Here are some common things that weaken it.

  • Allergies: These are really a malfunction of the immune system because the body will see everything as a potential enemy and attack it. The immune system will keep working and working, which eventually results in a weakening and even more allergies.
  • Stress:  Whether the threat is real or imagined, the physiological reaction will always be the same, including increased cortisol and adrenaline, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and inflammation. You’ll also experience sleep deprivation, possible weight gain, and hair loss (or gain, in places you don’t want it, like the face). Practice stress management techniques, including meditation, breathing exercises and self-care like massages.
  • Processed foods: Today’s fast-food mentality includes packaged “convenience” foods that are often laden with sugar, salt, fat and chemicals. A healthy diet should include plenty vegetables and fruit; nuts, seeds; some spices like turmeric and cinnamon; and herbs, such as parsley and garlic.
  • Sleep deprivation:  A few years back, the Archives of Internal Medicine conducted a small, contained study.  They gave 153 people the rhino (common cold) virus by nose and those who got less than 7 hours were 300 percent more susceptible to getting a cold.
  • Alcohol.  Although some studies reveal that moderate alcohol intake can actually aid the immune system, alcohol overall has detrimental effect on health, including the brain and cardio system.
  • Lack of exercise. It enhancesmoods, by releasing those natural feel-good hormones, endorphins, which also promotes better sleep. Exercise carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells and helps detoxify the body, by eliminating toxins, accumulated wastes and poisons.




  • Dehydration can be a major cause of headache.  In fact, some estimate that 75 to 80 percent of headaches are caused by not drinking enough water.
  • Water, when combined with sand, is a natural conductive material that will help you connect to that powerful energy source, Earth. You’ll absorb those great electrons that keep you grounded. That’s why you sleep better at the beach—it’s not just because of the fresh air and sound of the waves.
  • Our brain is made up of 85 percent water.  Our bones, 22 percent.
  • We can lose 3 to 4 cups of water a day just by breathing (vapors) sweating and through urination.
  • You can become dehydrated with just a 2 percent loss of water.

Water is pretty to look at, but it’s so much more, affecting every system in our bodies! If you become dehydrated, you’ll also be unbalanced, and those systems won’t be able to function optimally. You’ll be fatigued, moody, lack energy and concentration and can increase the risk of health problems, such as cardiovascular.

How much water should you drink?  A good rule of thumb to start with is to divide your weight by 2—that’s the number of ounces you should drink per day–BUT you also need to look at it on a case-by-case basis; for instance, do you eat primarily vegetables and fruit? They have a high water content, so you may not have to drink as much.  And, yes, there is such a thing as drinking too much water—but more on that in a later post.

So drink up, because:

  • Water boosts energy, leading to more successful exercise: If you’re dehydrated you’ll move slower and be fatigued—not too conducive to exercise, is it?
  • Water makes you look more youthful:  Water removes toxins, so the skin’s clearer; it contracts muscles so the tissue’s plumper.  Some even insist it gives them a glow!
  • Water will give you the ability to handle stress better: You’ll be more focused, more energetic and more clear-headed, able to handle challenges and problems.
  • Water helps your heat function better:  On its website, the American Heart Association said water keeps the body hydrated and helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. And, it helps the muscles work efficiently.  “If you’re well hydrated, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard,” added John Batson, M.D, a sports medicine physician with Lowcountry Spine & Sport in Hilton Head Island, S.C., and an American Heart Association volunteer.

About pluggz:

Pluggz is a footwear brand featuring proprietary grounding technology. Pluggz shoes give people a direct connection to the Earth when they walk on grass, sand, soil and even concrete. To view our complete line, please click here.




feetOkay, it was a play on words from that song, but have you noticed how much better we all feel in the summer, what with those warm breezes, ocean smells, lighter clothing and longer daylight hours?  Seems like everything is calmer and a bit slower, doesn’t it?

Summer keeps us grounded because we get plenty of:

  • Earth’s Electrons: We often walk barefoot in summer and, when we do, we absorb the earth’s free electrons. It’s called grounding, and it keeps us healthy.

Cavemen walked barefoot, but our hectic lives and (often highly insulated) shoes cause an electron deficiency, creating an imbalance, associated with inflammation and lack of overall well being. Solution:  Wear a grounding shoe like pluggz.

  • Sand:  We seem to sleep better at the beach, and we usually think it’s because of the sound of the waves– but it’s really because sand and ocean water are natural conductive materials that will help you get rid of positive electrons and negative energy.
  • Light:  Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) leads to excessive sleeping, low energy, depression, and overeating; there’s not much need to worry about that with the long days of summer.
  • Sunshine=Vitamin D:  Although it’s possible to get it from some foods, such as fish, eggs and cod liver oil, the main source of Vitamin D is sunshine.  It gets synthesized through the skin, and 10 minutes is all it takes to avoid a deficiency.  Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, and may also protect against osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cancer, and other diseases.
  • Abundance=Vibration: There are plenty of flowers, greenery, blue sky, water and wildlife in summer—and it’s all free. That’s abundance.  Abundance is a vibration.  Vibration is energy.  When your energy is high, you’re hopeful, optimistic, happy and healthy.



Calvin Coolidge said it best in a 1924 address: “Teaching is one of the noblest of professions. It requires an adequate preparation and training, patience, devotion, and a deep sense of responsibility. Those who mold the human mind have wrought not for time, but for eternity.”Just about anything can make a kid unruly, and teachers are on their feet all day long—that’s a recipe for stress, anxiety and a lack of overall wellness.

Ideas to brighten up any day:

  • Turn the purse into a mini survival kit, and carry:
  1. A small vial or two of essential oils for a little aromatherapy.  Need calming? Take a whiff of lavender or geranium. Got a headache?  Combine lavender and peppermint. Have indigestion or a tummy ache? Try fennel and ginger. Need a mood uplift?  Sniff a little lemon.
  2. A favorite poem or quote.   William Butler Yeats’ quote reminds teachers why they do what they do: “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”
  3. Healthy snacks, such as an organic apple, orange, grapefruit, mini carrots or raw nuts and seeds.
  • Meditate:  Two or three minutes are really all it takes to become anxiety-free. The Internet is full of free guided meditation downloads, but here’s one from Deepak Chopra. To listen, click here.
  • Wear grounding shoes, and your posture will thank youPluggz footwear combines style, comfort and grounding, with a special custom designed cut-out in the shoe bottom to allow the heel bone to stay centered, important because of the soft spot in the center of the heel. This cut-out has a “trampoline effect” and cushions your feet while walking. By the way, grounding is scientifically proven to keep you calm, stress-free and, well, grounded.


1. Feed your body, mind and spirit, literally.  There’s no doubt that some foods are a lot more powerful than others, and that includes vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds; some spices like turmeric and cinnamon; and herbs, such as parsley and garlic.

2. Manage stress.  Stress is inevitable and if you don’t learn to manage it, your body will be flooded with those “fight or flight” hormones, cortisol and adrenaline.  If you’re a stress case you’ll probably toss and turn all night…and speaking of which…

3. Get enough sleep.  A few years back, the Archives of Internal Medicine conducted a small, contained study.  They gave 153 people the rhino (common cold) virus by nose and those who got less than 7 hours were 300 percent more susceptible to getting a cold.

4. Limit alcohol intake.  Although some studies reveal that moderate alcohol intake can actually aid the immune system, alcohol overall has detrimental effect on health, including the brain and cardio system.

5. Exercise can enhance your mood, by releasing endorphins which can make you feel better and reduce stress. It also controls weight and promotes better sleep. Exercise fights fatigue by carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells.  It also helps detoxify the body, by eliminating toxins, accumulated wastes and poisons.

6. Practice gratitude. Robert Emmons’s book, Thanks!  reveals that those who practice gratitude regularly are 25 percent happier, because you become more optimistic and that makes you healthier and happier, boosting your personal and professional life.  It raises your vibration and makes you feel even more connected, leading to clearer thinking and more decisive action.

7. Get enough rest and recreation.  Go out in the sunshine, play with the kids, pets or your friends. No, it’s not selfish!  If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of others?



We can mail someone with the click of a mouse.  Have insomnia?  No problem because, at any time, you can get the most current newsfeeds.  How about multi-tasking? Clean the house, talk on the phone, tend to the kids and pets, pay the bills and write that report, all at the same time.

Technology is great, huh?  Not really, because it can wreck your relationships, make your life feel out of control and actually lower your productivity and focus. That adds up to stress and a lack of well being.

Have you ever experienced any of this? It’s EXACTLY why you need to stay grounded in this hi-tech age:

  • Having a Conversation with the Top of Someone’s Head: A study by The Annandale Center for the Digital Future revealed what most of us already know.  Frustrated parents, teachers and supervisors say cell phones just aren’t appropriate for meetings, meals or in the classroom.
  • Waa!  Waa!  Pay Attention to Me!  The digital age can sometimes seem like a crying newborn or yowling puppy or kitten. All demand attention 24/7, and it’s impossible to turn off the world.
  • Overwhelm Leads to Inaction: You’re not mindful, so you don’t do anything well and, since you don’t know where, or how, to start, you do nothing.
  • If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It:  Like a muscle, we need to flex our brain, but these days we have devices and machines that count for us, spell and correct our grammar, so we don’t need to learn–but, oh, those befuddled faces when the computers go down!
  • FOMO Addiction?  FOMO stands for “Fear of Missing Out.” More and more studies show that people become anxious if they aren’t on social media.








Here we go! For the next two weeks, most of us will be seeing a lot of family, and that can be pretty stressful and anxiety-provoking. In fact, almost everyone we know has experienced it. We even know one person, a yoga instructor, who got so stressed at a family dinner once that she actually went into another room to do a yoga squat to ground herself.

With a little humor, a LOT of patience and some shift in your thinking, you will survive!

First, remember that it really is pretty much up to you. After all, if someone has been saying the same thing over and over again for years, chances are they won’t change.  That means you will have to.

Here are 5 simple ways to come out happy and healthy:

  1. Exercise before going anywhere.  Always. There are certain yoga poses that help to alleviate stress and anxiety—or run or take an aerobic dance class; they’ll flood your body with endorphins, those natural, feel-good substances. Stretch, because your muscles are probably already tight, just thinking about the day.
  2. Employ humor.  Sometimes there’s just nothing else to do but laugh and think, “It is what it is.”
  3. Use a buffer.  A friend, family game or outing—even a pet—can cushion and distract.
  4. Shift your thinking.   When someone makes an untactful remark, think, “how else can I look at this?” Practice some gratitude as well; after all, even the seemingly worst situation has something positive!
  5. Don’t be baited!  Never allow yourself to be provoked into an argument. Sometimes the best way to win is to ignore. Walk into another room, stretch (or like our friend, go into a yoga pose that will help to ground you), take a deep breath, count to 10, do a short meditation.







Holiday season is right around the corner!


What stresses you most?  Juggling spending?  Shopping for that perfect gift for someone?  Travel?  Personal and Professional commitments?


  • What we eat matters—always! The holiday season is one 45-day stretch with 3 holidays—not a 45-day holiday.  Don’t use it as an excuse to load up on sugary, high fat foods.

For one thing, that’ll make you gain weight—and do you really need one more thing to get stressed about?

Second, those foods cause wild blood sugar fluctuations, affecting your mood, energy level and probably even keep you tossing and turning in your sleep.

  • On the other hand, don’t be too rigid with your food. If you’re too strict and always live in that place of “I should,” you’ll actually lower your vibration and will possibly experience depression or overeating.’
  • Get away from it all! Take some time for whatever gives you pleasure, whether it’s playing with the kids and pets or reading a good book. One woman we know runs to the beach every so often so she can enjoy the solitude and sound of the waves.  Don’t forget—sand is a natural conductive, so if it’s not too cold, take off your shoes and take a walk to absorb those positive electrons.
  • Stop and smell the roses.  Abundance is all around us in the form of trees, shrubbery, wildlife and more—free for the asking.
  • Walk on the Ground Outside. Many of us spend our time inside, but make an effort to walk barefoot outside; if it’s too cold, or snowy, pluggz (www.pluggz.com) is a great alternative, with a footwear line that combines fashion, comfort AND grounding shoes so when you are outside you are still able to connect with the Earth’s energy.  This will help you feel connected to the earth and its many natural healing powers.


Professional responsiblities….Kids….Family….Mortgages….Bills….Those are just some of the things that keep us up all night.  No wonder we’re all so stressed out!




Did you know almost 90 percent of doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints—and that 43 percent of adults experience negative health effects from stress?

Unfortunately, we can’t do what our ancestors did; that is, walk barefoot on sand or grass.  Since the earth is such a powerful energy source, we can’t get the benefits of absorbing that great energy (in the form of electrons) that helps us embrace the positive and release the negative.

Here’s a great alternative by pluggz. The shoes incorporate an exclusive technology that reconnects people with the natural energy source of the earth. A proprietary plug feature allows people to get grounded when walking on grass, sand, soil — even concrete city sidewalks. Being grounded is scientifically proven to be beneficial to one’s overall well-being.

 Pluggz not only offers extreme comfort, they also are super stylish, with a collection of Ballet flats -from sophisticated metallics and suede loafers.

Prolonged stress (like a job change or death of a loved one) is never a good thing. It greatly affects our well being. Stress causes sleep-deprivation or insomnia, which leads to both physical and emotional challenges. The relentless release of adrenalin and cortisol, those “fight or flight” hormones can harm the immune system cells, making it a lot less able to fight illness, making the body more prone to colds, flu, or bacterial infections.

Stress affects every part of our physiology.  If you experience continual stress, you may:

  • Find an  increase in the amount of tension and migraine headaches
  • Get excessive muscle pain, especially in the neck, shoulders and back
  • Experience anxiety attacks, depression and other emotional challenges
  • Suffer from gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers, IBS or colitis
  • See an increase in blood pressure and heart arrhythmias
  • Experience asthma and allergies
  • Suffer from cancer