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Thank you to all of our amazing fans who have entered pluggz and ECBC’s Month Long Travel contest- #SummerWellTraveled. 

pluggz travel

There’s ONE more chance to win a pair of pluggz and an ECBC backpack!

To Enter: 

1) Like pluggz and ECBC on FB
2) But most importantly, be sure to answer this week’s question :

‘What’s the best travel advice you’ve ever received?’ 

HERE: http://bit.ly/pluggz_ecbc_3 

We are excited to announce a month long of giveaway’s with ECBC, a chic luggage company.  Every week we will prompt a question on their facebook and a random winner will win a pair of pluggz and ECBC Hercules Laptop backpack. 

To Enter: You must like both ECBC and pluggz and answer the question of the week.

Week 1: What’s your #1 “healthy” travel tip?

Leave your comment on their FB page to win!




Peace Love Nutrition

It’s often said that savasana —corpse, or final resting pose—is the most difficult yoga pose to master. That’s the time when we let go of our breathing, set our mind free and absorb all the goodness of the poses. Both our energy and vibration rises. We take action, have confidence and determination.

That’s exactly what happens when we meditate, even for 10 or 15 minutes a day. We shake the gunk out of our minds. We focus and set priorities; after all, most of the time we just don’t pay attention to those little internal messages that can give us so much valuable information.

Deepak Chopra explains that, although many think the purpose of meditation is to tune OUT, the real purpose is actually to tune IN—to find that inner peace, to find the space between the thoughts.

  1.  We experience mindfulness.  Most of the time we get so caught up in our busy lives that we neglect to pay attention to just what makes us happy or unhappy.  We forget to be grateful of any good things that happen to us.  We tend to ignore challenge and problems, rather than thinking them through to a solution.
  2. Improved mental clarity.  Empty the clutter and chatter, clear the overwhelm and you can set your intentions and explore your goals.
  3. Better Health.  Time after time, studies have shown that meditation can reduce stress and decrease anxiety—which aids sleep, one of the building blocks of health; in fact, chronic sleep deprivation leads to lower immunity, lack of focus, injury—and a host of challenges.
  4. Little things don’t bother you as much. When you’re stressed, little things seem like big things—and big things seem almost insurmountable. Since meditation helps us find that inner peace, we’re much more able detach and focus on the present, rather than the past or future.

Happy_lifeEver wonder why we feel so good when walk barefoot on the grass or plant our feet in the sand? Notice that we seem to sleep so well at the beach? This is scientifically proven:  when our bodies make direct contact with the ground, this allows for the flow of the earth’s beneficial and free energy, called electrons, in to our bodies. We soak up the positive, let go of the negative—and our entire well being is affected (in a good way).

That got us thinking even more at pluggz—why do some people always seem calm and happy, no matter what the universe dishes out?

And notice that there seems to be a direct correlation between fulfilling and happy???

YOU can be one of those people, too!  Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Give yourself a little time off, even if it’s just 5 minutes:  Do something you love, whether it gardening, playing or just strolling.
  • Take care of YOU: a hot bath, a massage, a good book—these can all give you “quiet time” where you just focus on you.
  • Don’t gobble your food. This one’s a toughie, since our fast food culture seems to condone us eating on the run.  But enjoy, taste and smell—your digestion will be glad you did—and you’ll end up being a lot calmer and focused.
  • Feeling anxious?  Just breathe!  Calm down by taking a few deep breaths and exhaling.
  • Reach out and re-connect with someone: The Internet makes it easier than ever to find people whom you haven’t seen in years.  Not only does it “complete your story,” but you’ll start to remember some very joyous (and humorous) memories—things you haven’t thought of in years.
  • Practice Gratitude: This seems to be said time and again, but with good reason—it helps us focus on the positive, not the negative.  Even the worst day has a few bright spots, so every night, make a list of at least 3 things for which you are grateful.



“Today, I behold all the abundance that surrounds me” –Deepak Chopra

Grounding, also known as Earthing, has been around for thousands of years; in fact, our ancestors walked barefoot just so they could stay connected to the earth.  Now, it’s getting a lot of attention again by health and wellness experts – and that’s the concept behind the Pluggz shoe.

Simply, the earth is one of the most powerful energy sources.  When our bodies make direct contact with the ground, we absorb the earth’s beneficial and natural energy, called electrons, allowing us to absorb the positive and let go of the negative.  Our entire physiology is affected and we become calmer, more peaceful, happier, and healthier.


According to some, their most powerful inner work is done just laying on a big rock in the sun, completely alone, being contemplative and receiving guidance—and when you stay away from nature for too long you cease to hear that voice.

“A few years ago I got the flu and as I lay in bed, I could hear that one of the reasons I got sick is that I need to adjust my work-life balance even more, that I am not getting out in nature enough, that I need to do it nearly every day,” says Business and Executive Coach Nina Cherry who takes women on nature retreats  “I need to balance what I receive from nature with the immense amount of energy that I put out to my clients, my grown children, and my community–as many professional women do.”

As a result, she loves to hike by herself to get into communion with Nature and Spirit—at power spots like the top of the 10,000 ft. dormant volcano on Maui, “ but you don’t have to go to such an exotic place, just remember how healing the earth can be.”

Nina also conducts retreats in Maui to help women reconnect with nature, empower themselves–and do deep transformative work, many times resulting in their making important lifestyle changes for their continued health and well-being.


As women we want to be stylish AND comfortable.

Why is it so hard to find a shoe that’s both?

pluggz comfortable ballet flats

Here at Pluggz we are changing that.


Pluggz has a special custom designed cut-out in the bottom on all of our grounding ballet flats. This allows the heel bone to stay centered because of the soft spot in the center of the heel. This cut-out has a “trampoline effect” and cushions your feet as you walk.

pluggz comfortable ballet flats


Perfect for teachers, waitresses, hairdressers, mothers etc who are on their feet all day!

pluggz comfortable ballet flats


yoga and grounding1

pluggz grounding and yoga

Our feet are extremely valuable, priceless even and yet often they go on with their daily tasks unnoticed, neglected and forgotten. For many of us, they work hard all day long, carrying us to and from without much thought or care. They are our foundation, our transportation; one of the primary ways we connect to the earth energetically; and one of the best tools we have for getting centered and grounded.

The very first thing you may notice in a yoga class is that it is done with bare feet. Our feet spend most of their time in socks and shoes but they come off and our feet connect with the floor and our mat.

Yoga teaches you the importance of connecting and rooting yourself to the ground and earth.  This is a first taste of grounding.  But what if I told you that this is just the beginning? That you don’t need to loose the feeling of grounding outside your yoga studio!  Instead of putting on synthetic soled shoes, which cut us off from the earth’s energy, there is an opportunity to continue grounding after you leave the studio.

In order to get the benefits of grounding we need to have a more open, direct connection between our bodies and the ground we stand on. This enables us to have a direct connection to the earth’s powerful, natural energy sources and absorb its beneficial energy.  Unfortunately most modern footwear and shoes do not do this.

How can we continue to stay grounded and building on the beneficial effects of yoga?

We have invented a shoe that helps connect you to this energy: pluggz.  Pluggz are made with a carbon and rubber ‘plug’ that is embedded into the sole of the shoe.  This enables the flow of the Earth’s natural energy in to our bodies, so even when we can’t find time to ground ourselves in a yoga class or stroll barefoot on the grass, we can still take a piece of grounding with is while on our way to work, or commuting home; even while out for a social time.

Click this link to learn more information on grounding.

pluggz is yoga for your feet!


When you are headed to the beach or pool, wear a cute swimsuit, protect your skin and accessorize with function and style. Our beach fashion guide tells you everything you need to wear at the beach this weekend.



1) Bathing suit:  Floral is very popular this season. From halter bikinis to dresses, you’ll find floral everywhere. One look we love is this Floral one piece (seen above). This once-piece swimsuit provides just enough coverage while still being sexy and fun.

2) Straw Bag: Your beach bag needs to be large enough to carry your towel, book, sunscreen and all your other beach essentials.  We are a big fan of this adorable and inexpensive bag from dsw: Kelly & Katie Straw Tote.

3) Beach Cover up.  Pick a cover-up that provides enough coverage that you can wear it on the beachside or at a cafe for drinks.

4) Flip Flops: Look chic and help ground your body at and after the beach with a cute pair of flip-flops.  Not all flip-flops are created equal though.  Pluggz flip-flops are not only comfortable but they connect you to the earth’s energy. To learn more click here.

Enjoy!  And don’t forget that sunscreen.