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Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort in a shoe?  And what if we also threw in an added health benefit of grounding?

Who says women can’t have it all?

Pluggz: where health meets style.  We like to call it ‘The Trifecta.’ 

It was important for our CEO, Sharon Whiteley,to develop a shoe that not only had the health benefit of grounding but also looked stylish and was comfortable.

Pluggz_JewelTone_Fall Shoes_comfortable shoes

Health:  Pluggz incorporate an exclusive technology that reconnects people with the natural energy source of the earth.  Each pair of shoes contains black plugs made from a custom formulated carbon and rubber compound that sit under a weight bearing part of our feet ensuring electrical contact between the earth and our bodies. This proprietary plug feature allows people to get grounded when walking on grass, sand, soil — even concrete city sidewalks. Being grounded is scientifically proven to be beneficial to one’s overall well-being. You can read more here.

Fashion/Comfort: Pluggz not only offers extreme comfort, they also are super stylish, with a collection of Ballet flats -from sophisticated metallics and suede loafers.


Ever so rarely do we find footwear that not only has style but is good not just for your feet, but for your entire body, too. Many fashion shoes today are constricting and some, let’s be honest, downright uncomfortable. More often than not, we suffer for fashion.  However, with pluggz, we finally have footwear where healthy meets style. All pluggz shoes are fashionable, provide comfort, support and are – and here’s the great news — good for your body. How many shoes can say that? All three features together in one shoe are unheard of…until now.

Pluggz footwear features proprietary technology that allows for the flow of the earth’s natural and powerful energy into our bodies. This is called grounding, otherwise known as earthing.  Grounding and earthing create an electrical connection from the earth to the human body.  This electrical connection conducts free electrons from the earth when we make direct contact with the ground. An increase in these electrons are reported to have a positive effect on our health.  Being healthy increases our energy, positivity and overall wellbeing. In the past, we usually were only able to feel the effects of getting grounded by walking barefoot on the earth. However, now we can achieve the same benefits through pluggz footwear.  Each shoe has an exclusive black plug that allows for the flow of these free electrons between us and the Earth when we make direct contact with the ground allowing us to step and walk our way to a healthier self.

Grounding with pluggz shoesTypically, as we know all too well, it is hard to mesh healthy product attributes and style in footwear. There are a number of shoes that have great body benefits but many of these look clunky or too sporty; some even are a bit dowdy. And then there are shoes that are gorgeous and stylish, but they kill our feet, often getting kicked off under the table or to the side of our desks.  However, with pluggz, a new line of footwear, we not only get the healthful benefits of being grounded we also get fashionable footwear that can complement any outfit, dressy or causal. For a reasonable price, both men and women can enjoy the benefits of pluggz footwear.

Pluggz makes very comfortable, well designed flip flops for both men and women.   For men, flip flops come in classic brown and dark graphite while for women, flip flops are available in black – always a great basic, and in silver and gold – neutral enough to go with any outfit.  All pluggz flip flops are made of high quality rubber soles for comfort and long wear and have arches built in for extra support.

If this wasn’t already good news for our feet, pluggz also makes stylish ballet flats, flattering on women young and older. All ballet style shoes feature a contoured arch, memory foam padded heels, trampoline rubber sole for extra stability and comfort; and in addition, have wicking, anti-microbial lining. Colors range from metallic metals (pewter, gold and bronze) to ivory, taupes and linen. Pluggz are designed to compliment any wardrobe and provide us with much needed comfort, support, and on top of that – and here’s the real differentiator, benefits that are great for our bodies.

So where does healthy meet style? With pluggz! Never before has there been one shoe that combines style, comfort and being good for your body all together in one shoe. Pluggz provide all three.  Due to the little black plug, we finally have footwear where healthy meets style.

For more information on the benefits and features of Pluggz or to view colors, styles and/or pricing visit www.pluggz.com.