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Lady and the Tramp: A Grounded Take

Some of you may not remember this film, or may have never even seen it, but the name lingered on. Definitely catchy. In our world at pluggz, we have become very fond of this phrase. We are of course speaking about the classic Lady and the Tramp, but in the world of grounding shoes, tramp is abbreviated for trampoline, as in our trampoline heel. This is a core feature in our grounding shoes, also called earthing shoes. So what’s this all about?

Trampoline heel groundedThe trampoline heel is actually an original, well-engineered classic heel design. Over the years many shoes have been constructed boasting new and elaborate technologies and special exclusive features. We’ve gone the other way, back in time, however. We believe that tried and true “classics” are good – and always “in”. The custom designed cut-out in the bottom of all pluggz grounding ballet flats (also called earthing ballet flats) allows the heel bone — the calcaneus bone — to stay centered because of the soft spot in the center of the heel. This cut-out has a “trampoline effect” and offers cushioning during one’s heel strike and takes weight away, rather than adds to the load of solid rubber. This also makes our shoes more comfortable to wear.

The sole in all pluggz grounding shoes and earthing shoes made with this heel design is that they have the benefits of a wedge since the medial side/inside of the sole is filled-in, while keeping the look of a heel on the lateral/outside of the shoe. This helps support the foot and keeps it more stable. As a result of this design detail, there is no need for what’s called a shank and this keeps the shoe lighter and softer.

The simple version is, the trampoline heel designed in all pluggz shoes makes for a “light step” while supporting your heel bone at the same time. Some have shared with us this has also made a huge difference in how they stand (now straighter up without leaning to one side). Others have reported the reduction of full absence of back pain they used to have when wearing other shoes.

Further on the classic old news front is even what is more special about pluggz shoes. (We were saving best for last). In fact it goes back to ancient times, when man and woman first set foot on earth. It’s called grounding or earthing. What this is all about is quite simple to understand. It is also scientifically substantiated in numerous studies as well. The earth is an electrical body and has potent natural energy inside it in the form of electrons.

Our bodies, too, are electrical fields, and we were meant to have the flow of this natural energy in to our bodies when we first came on this earth to have a normalized body state.  This happened when we went barefoot much of the time and also wore leather skinned soles on our shoes. We don’t do either much anymore.

Over many centuries leading to the advent of modern times, most of us have lost this direct and constant connection to the earth. As a result, we are not getting this revitalizing energy in to our bodies. Put in other terms, we are “electron deficient”. So what, you say? Well, the so what is, this is not great for your body. Existing reports show that being more electronically balanced — which happens when you get grounded, helps recue inflammation, lower stress, increase circulation, boost vitality, make you more balanced – even happier. Who wouldn’t settle for some of this, let alone all?

So, here’s to the Tramp — and to the past. What’s old is fast becoming new.

Earthing with pluggz shoes

We first published this blog post in early 2013 but we think it bares repeating. Earthing or grounding as it is commonly known is starting to come to into its own. More and more people are learning about the theraputic effects of grounding or earthing.

According to James Oschman PhD., a recognized expert in the area of energy medicine and its scientific basis, “People have known for a long time that walking barefoot feels good.” We all can attest to that. But walking around barefoot not only feels good it has the added bonus of being beneficial for our bodies, too! How, you ask? Well, because of earthing, also called grounding! But what is earthing. In the simplest of terms, earthing means grounding your body to the Earth.  So what does this mean?

Although the concept of earthing has been around since the ‘60s, earthing is still viewed as a relatively new health discovery according to Clint Ober, a pioneer in the field who coined the term.  Earthing or grounding, creates an electrical connection from the earth to the human body when a person makes direct contact with the ground. This electrical connection increases the number of negatively-charged electrons flowing into our body from the ground when we walk directly on grass, sand, soil, unsealed stone surfaces – even concrete city sidewalks when barefooted – or wearing footwear that is conductive to the earth. Why is this good?  Because of the added healthy benefits that occur with the increase of electrons into the body.

Earthing with pluggz shoesAccording to research studies, one such reported benefit is the reduction of chronic inflammation.  Let us go further. As the scientists explain, when the body suffers from electron deficiency, oxidation occurs.  Oxidation creates positively-charged molecules called free radicals or in other words, damaged cells which can lead to inflammation.  In order to reduce the number of free radicals in the body, we need an increase in the number of negatively-charged electrons. Earthing, or grounding allows us to do this. By earthing or grounding ourselves we are able to increase the number of electrons that flow into our body from the ground up and thereby, decrease the number of free radicals. This helps lower inflammation and creates a positive benefit for our bodies.  Studies also show that other physiological benefits from earthing include a reduction in tension and stress, more energy, more balance and a greater state of over-all overall wellbeing.

So, how can we incorporate the benefits of earthing or grounding into our daily life? For one, we can walk barefoot. By eliminating the barrier from earth to our body, walking barefoot is the best way to experience earthing.  With no barrier, electrons are freely conducted from the ground into our bodies. Great surfaces for earthing or getting grounded, are grass, sand, soil and unsealed tiles/stone, in addition to concrete. Since most of us can’t constantly walk barefoot, and many of us who live in northern climates or in urban areas hardly ever get that chance even on occasion, another way to incorporate earthing into our life is to find shoes that contain grounding technology.  Reality is, however, that most modern shoes today are insulating and keep us from this direct contact with the earth, One company called pluggz now offers footwear embedded with a proprietary technology that is conductive and allows for the flow of free electrons from the earth into the body in every single step and helps ground us. (if this is too sales-y/promotional by mentioning pluggz here just delete our company name). These shoes provide the same benefit as walking barefoot and can be worn anywhere, in any climate and in any geography — from city sidewalks  to the beach.

So what is earthing?  Earthing restores the body’s electrons to a more balanced state thereby increasing healthy benefits to your body and oftentimes to your overall happiness as well.

To find out more information on earthing and grounding and its benefits, or about shoes containing earthing and grounding technology, visit Pluggz.

Are you feeling anxious or tired lately? Life often moves quicker than we can keep up with and it is challenging to get grounded and bring ourselves back into the present moment.

Here are 5 ways to feel grounded again:

Pluggz Grounding Shoes Yoga and Grounding

1.  Walk on the Ground Outside. Many of us spend our time inside (especially during winter.)  Make an effort to walk barefoot outside or wear pluggz grounding shoes so when you are outside you are still able to connect with the Earth’s energy.  This will help you feel connected to the earth and it’s many natural healing powers.

2. Stop and Observe. There is no argument that our mind and body are connected.  Tune into your body at different times throughout the day and simply take notice of what is going on inside, without judgment or trying to “find” a way to change your current state of being.  Just notice your thoughts and feelings and accept them for what they are.

3.  Take a Few Deep Breaths and Visualize. After you notice that perhaps your mind is racing or you feel anxious, simply take a couple of deep breaths, filling and emptying your lungs completely.  Close your eyes if that feels good.

4.  Practice Yoga. The act of practicing yoga allows us to become more grounded.  Try a few sun salutations that connect us to the sky, then fold in half and place your hands on the floor, imagining yourself connected to the Earth.  Visualize these opposites as you close your eyes and practice.  Through yoga asanas, or poses, we instantly become connected to the Earth.  You don’t need to necessarily practice for an hour to feel these effects; try it for 5 minutes and see if you don’t feel more grounded.

5.  Write Affirmations. The daily practice of writing affirmations, especially in the morning, imprints into our subconscious what we want to manifest into our life.  For example, I write daily affirmations as I drink my cappuccino each morning to the point where it’s part of my daily routine.  Usually I write somewhere between 10 – 20 positive “I” statements for the day, and one of the mainstays is “I am grounded.”  By writing this positive thought daily into my journal, I find during the remainder of the day I am more grounded than when I don’t write my affirmations.

The benefits of feeling grounded are enormous.  I find that I tend to feel calmer and more centered, act in a proactive and not a reactive fashion throughout my day, and generally have an overall sense of well-being.  Life inevitably throws curve balls our way that will throw us off-balance, but if we can be self-aware enough to remember to stop, notice, take a few deep breaths, and feel our feet on the ground – in just 30 seconds it is possible to feel more grounded and at peace about what is.

yoga and grounding1

pluggz grounding and yoga

Our feet are extremely valuable, priceless even and yet often they go on with their daily tasks unnoticed, neglected and forgotten. For many of us, they work hard all day long, carrying us to and from without much thought or care. They are our foundation, our transportation; one of the primary ways we connect to the earth energetically; and one of the best tools we have for getting centered and grounded.

The very first thing you may notice in a yoga class is that it is done with bare feet. Our feet spend most of their time in socks and shoes but they come off and our feet connect with the floor and our mat.

Yoga teaches you the importance of connecting and rooting yourself to the ground and earth.  This is a first taste of grounding.  But what if I told you that this is just the beginning? That you don’t need to loose the feeling of grounding outside your yoga studio!  Instead of putting on synthetic soled shoes, which cut us off from the earth’s energy, there is an opportunity to continue grounding after you leave the studio.

In order to get the benefits of grounding we need to have a more open, direct connection between our bodies and the ground we stand on. This enables us to have a direct connection to the earth’s powerful, natural energy sources and absorb its beneficial energy.  Unfortunately most modern footwear and shoes do not do this.

How can we continue to stay grounded and building on the beneficial effects of yoga?

We have invented a shoe that helps connect you to this energy: pluggz.  Pluggz are made with a carbon and rubber ‘plug’ that is embedded into the sole of the shoe.  This enables the flow of the Earth’s natural energy in to our bodies, so even when we can’t find time to ground ourselves in a yoga class or stroll barefoot on the grass, we can still take a piece of grounding with is while on our way to work, or commuting home; even while out for a social time.

Click this link to learn more information on grounding.

pluggz is yoga for your feet!


When you are headed to the beach or pool, wear a cute swimsuit, protect your skin and accessorize with function and style. Our beach fashion guide tells you everything you need to wear at the beach this weekend.



1) Bathing suit:  Floral is very popular this season. From halter bikinis to dresses, you’ll find floral everywhere. One look we love is this Floral one piece (seen above). This once-piece swimsuit provides just enough coverage while still being sexy and fun.

2) Straw Bag: Your beach bag needs to be large enough to carry your towel, book, sunscreen and all your other beach essentials.  We are a big fan of this adorable and inexpensive bag from dsw: Kelly & Katie Straw Tote.

3) Beach Cover up.  Pick a cover-up that provides enough coverage that you can wear it on the beachside or at a cafe for drinks.

4) Flip Flops: Look chic and help ground your body at and after the beach with a cute pair of flip-flops.  Not all flip-flops are created equal though.  Pluggz flip-flops are not only comfortable but they connect you to the earth’s energy. To learn more click here.

Enjoy!  And don’t forget that sunscreen.

Earthing/Grounding Shoes are Here to Stay

Every so often, a new and original and substantive product innovation hits the market.

Many so-called innovations surface but few are original enough to stay. Others boast claims that are untrue. On top of that, marketing messages bombard us day-to-day to the point of message overload. This results in not believing much of anything. All that has changed with the advent of pluggz – a fashionable footwear company that has created a stunning collection of year-round, closed toe earthing shoes and grounding shoes that can change your life — and have you looking good and being comfortable at the same time. Now that’s revolutionary!

The Birth of the Original Earthing Shoe

pluggz feet grounding earthing revolutionaryPluggz was inspired by the devotion of Clint Ober who re-discovered a God-given birthright: the beneficial aspects of being directly connected to the ground. This connection can be called either earthing or grounding. Clint dedicated years of his life and invested heavily in numerous independent, scientific research studies to prove the beneficial effects of earthing or grounding to one’s body; ones you could only otherwise get by walking barefoot on the ground.

Going barefoot is a totally impractical way to live these days, due to geography, locales, weather and modern life in general. He, therefore, created patented earthing products which enables people to get grounded whether they are indoors or sleeping by creating conductive earthing products (sheets, pads, patches) that plug in to an electrical socket inside enable grounding with the earth.

When the founder of pluggz, Sharon Whiteley learned about the scientifically proven benefits of earthing and being grounded while attending a health and wellness conference shy of three years ago, she had what she calls a rare “Mega AHA” moment.  She stopped in her tracks exiting a session on the topic and exclaimed,  “Shoes: What better way to get grounded than through your feet”.  The next year and a half  she undertook research on her own around and also forged an exclusive relationship with Clint Ober and Dr. James Oschman, the man behind a great deal of the scientific substantiation. During this time, she engaged a remarkable group of talented people to join in the pluggz vision.  And so, pluggz was born.

The Revolution — Change your Shoes, Change your Life

So, what’s this shoe revolution all about? It’s fairly simple. Earthing /grounding shoes involve connecting your body directly to the ground through your feet when you can’t go barefoot. For those that can going barefoot is the best direct connection, and for those that can’t, earthing/grounding shoes are the next best option. The ground, and by that we mean, grass, sand, soil, gravel, unsealed stone/tiles – even concrete sidewalks. (Concrete, although it may seem counter intuitive because it is seemingly solid, is in fact, a great conductor; it is made of sand and water).

The earth has potent natural energy inside, called electrons. In early days on earth, people went barefoot or wore conductive thin leather soles so had this direct connection with the earth and a flow of the healthful electrons in to their bodies. Since the advent of modern footwear and synthetic soles shoes, we have been cut off and insulated from the transfer of this natural energy in to our bodies. As a result, we are electron deficient.

In addition the earth is full of beneficial antioxidants that scientific studies report helps your body return to a more normalized healthy body state. They also aid in getting rid of harmful free radicals and energy that are rampant today due to pollution, poor eating and unhealthy diets.

Old Wisdom Put to Use in a New Way

Although this is an ancient, and a natural technology, closed toe, year-round grounding shoes and earthing shoes are not. They are a new concept in today’s busy, fast pace and for some, stressful world.

This is how pluggz shoes work: Every pair of their earthing shoes and grounding shoes have a custom formulated, carbon and rubber, proprietary plug that is carefully designed into the insole at the most sensitive conductive point in the foot – the metatarsal area or K-1 Point (the ball of your foot). What pluggz has done to expand the earthing movement is to bring earthing shoes and grounding shoes to the more fashion conscious and mainstream marketplace by creating closed toe shoes that are not only grounding, but also are technically well engineered with a trampoline heel, anti-microbial lining and memory foam heels and arches; as well as being beautifully crafted in supple leather, so they look great on and are extremely comfortable.  Let’s face it, most women won’t wear shoes every day that don’t look good and don’t feel good.

Pluggz debuted their year-round shoes last year with women’s earthing shoes and grounding shoes in closed toe ballet style flats, a classic and here to stay; as well as arch supported, blown “cushy” rubber women’s flip flops and men’s flip flops. Sandals and flip flops are great, and also here to stay, but pluggz knew most couldn’t wear flip flops or sandals everyday either. This season the company has added great looking smoking slipper style women’s loafers and new quilted ballet flats.

There have been a lot of shoes made for a lot of different merchandising and marketing reasons. Not pluggz. They are single minded in wanting to change the way that people can wear great looking shoes to get more out of their lives and also help mitigate against numerous unhealthy conditions. With various health issues on the rise, and many just escalating as the population ages, this trend is not one that will peeter out. Other companies, too, are making shoes that help ground people and this to pluggz is a plus as it creates more market awareness. Soon they believe that a new category in the industry will be proclaimed, called Earthing shoes – shoes that help ground you. Pluggz entrance on the market is further fueling the natural health revolution well underway. Their earthing shoes and grounding shoes have been wonderfully reviewed by many people and they are also affordable; many buying a three-pack – a pair for work, one for play and another for their nights on the town. For more about earthing, grounding and of course, pluggz, go to ww.pluggz.com.

earth energy

 The Benefits of Grounding Shoes:


What do we have in common with Astronauts?

Upon first glance, you’re probably thinking that there is not much the average person has in common with an astronaut. On most levels, there isn’t a lot of common ground; however, we do have some fundamental commonalities. For one, we are all part of the human species and need benefit from direct contact with the natural energy in the earth in order to improve our health.

earth energyThe earth’s energy is essential, especially the earth’s electromagnetic fields. There is a disturbance in our bodies whenever we leave the comfort of the grounded energy of earth’s natural electromagnetic field. This disturbance occurs whenever a great distance is put between our bodies and the ground either by traveling by plane, or exploring the great unknown of outer space.

Grounding, also known as earthing, is a simple, easily accessible way to improve upon the deficiencies in our bodies and to be able to sustain itself when cut off when direct interaction with the earth.

Pioneering astronauts who resided in space for extended periods experienced discomfort in the form of severe nausea and major disorientation, to name a few. This severe discomfort was termed “space sickness”.

The cause, which was discovered by scientists shortly thereafter, was that this condition was a result of these astronauts being deprived of the earth’s “electromagnetic resonance”; in essence, the lack of direct absorption of the earth’s natural energy.

In subsequent missions, space vehicles were outfitted with devices that simulated this resonance, also known as the Schumann resonance, named after the man who made the core discovery. Research suggests that the earth’s magnetic resonances vibrate at the same frequency as human heart rhythms and brainwaves. This helps explain why the practice of grounding, also called earthing, is so beneficial for one’s body – and why it makes us feel good.  

Get grounded when you land Many of us will never walk on the moon, orbit the planet, or be in a plane that breaks the sound barrier. There are a great many of us who will travel by plane, however. Some travel regularly for business; others less so. Whether it’s for pleasure or business, there will be a brief period where you will experience separation for the earth’s grounded electromagnetic field. To recover from this separation faster, upon landing, find a piece of grass and put you bare feet on it. If this is not a practical solution, a great alternative is to wear shoes which conduct the earth’s energy through your body – grounded footwear; also called earthing or grounding shoes.  

Grounding has been with us forever Some people are claiming that grounding, also called earthing is a new discovery. This recent discovery only brings to light something that has been in existence since ancients walked the earth. The Native Americans have always known its importance and the land’s sacredness.  In the book about folklore and native wisdom, The Wind Is My Mother, a wise tribal leader, Bear Heart, had to say much on the healing properties of Mother Earth. “We look to the North for emotional, physical and mental health. We may have a loved one who’s ill or perhaps we’re sick and we want to get well.  Lay down on this Mother Earth with your navel towards her and your head to the North”. Crazy Horse, a warrior, also shares these sentiments. He was known for standing on the earth for hours on end to build up his energy. The good news is, we can still receive healing energy from this Earth, the same way our forefathers and natives did.

Almost as Good as Going Barefoot Recent findings indicate that our disconnection from the earth contributes to many conditions including; chronic aches and pains, listlessness, and poor sleep. This finding is not surprising since our disconnection relates to spending less time outside than our ancestors. As Richer Louv says in Lost Child in the Woods, we are “nature deficient”. Adding to this disconnection is the fact that many of us wear shoes insulated with synthetic or rubber soles. This man made material cuts us off entirely from the beneficial electrons from the earth passing up through our feet into our body. Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to walk barefoot on the grass, or sand? Well, there is a very good reason.

For over millions of years, our bodies were designed to reap the benefit of going barefoot. There are approximately 1,300 nerve endings per square inch in the soles of our feet; that’s more than any other part of our body. These nerve endings are what allow the flow of free electrons from the earth to flow up into our body and spread through your tissues.

By enabling this natural and free flow of electrons, also known as grounding or earthing, we foster a shift in the electrical state of our body and enhance our bodies’ natural healing response. Research studies have also found the following results attributed grounding. For links to the actual scientific studies, you can visit http://ongrounding.com/ and search under research studies. Below are some of the findings from these papers:

  • Reduced swelling, redness, heat and pain in patients with acute inflammation
  • Faster healing
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced stress
  • Decreased muscle pain
  • Faster recovery from jet lag
  • Improvement in neuropathy
  • And a whole lot more

Time to Get Connected It’s never too late to “get back to earth” and reconnect. Your body will thank you in the long run. The first step to reconnecting with the earth is to get grounded. A simple 20-30 minute barefoot walk on the grass or sandy shores, weather permitting, is a wonderful gift you can give your body. When walking barefoot is not an option, there is an equally effective alternative– Pluggz, a new line of grounded footwear that enables you to connect to the earth’s natural and healthful energy when you make direct contact with the ground. These earthing  and grounding shoes allow you to get grounded when you walk directly on grass, sand, soil, gravel, unsealed tile/stone/brick/rocks – even concrete sidewalks which is great for city dwellers.

This means no more jay walking, as asphalt/black top seals concrete and is insulating, as opposed to conductive concrete.   Pluggz grounded footwear is proprietarily crafted with a custom formulated carbon and rubber plug technology that is designed in to the shoe’s sole and placed right under the most sensitive part of the foot for conductivity, the K1spot, or metatarsal area (the ball of your foot).

In addition the healthful benefit of getting grounded with Pluggz shoes, they are also very fashionable and remarkably comfortable. Pluggz blends fashion and function while maintaining comfort. This blend of fashion, without sacrificing comfort, comfort without sacrificing style, and functional shoes which are beneficial to health without sacrificing fashion is truly a first.