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medition1Anyone remember that scene from the movie “Eat Pray Love” where Julia Roberts travels to India and, during her first time meditating, she looks up at the clock, sees it only moved a few minutes, and opens her eyes to mutter “Kill me now.”

Well, sometimes it’s like that for us.  We get some of our best thoughts when our minds are quiet enough for us to listen (that’s why ideas often come to us when we’re brushing our teeth, showering or even dreaming), but sometimes this life just overwhelms us, what with bills, looming deadlines, sirens, noisy neighbors and more.

So how do you quiet your mind when you just can’t sit still?  Here are some tips:

1.  First, don’t try to force it.  That only creates stress.  Compare meditation and forcing the quiet mind to this example that we’ve probably all experienced:  You need to get up early, but have insomnia.  You keep looking at the clock and say “if I fall asleep now, I’ll get 4 hours of sleep…if I fall asleep now, I’ll get 3 hours of sleep…and so on.”  Doesn’t work, does it?  Rather, take a walk, daydream, do some yoga, read–and THEN go back to it.

Plus, it’s a major misconception that meditation means having an empty mind.  It doesn’t–but what it means is that meditation is really about keeping your mind active, with only the things on which you want to focus.

2.  Breathe.  Try some relaxation breathing techniques. Breathing is one of the best ways to calm the mind, relax and reduce anxiety; in fact, when we’re stressed and anxious, we tend to have shallow breathing.  One of the best breathing techniques is from Dr. Andrew Weil and is called the 4-7-8 breath.  For instructions, click here.

3.  Practice Gratitude.  We know, we know, you’re probably saying “Been there, done that.”  But here’s the point:  You just don’t want to focus on the difficulties of your day, and even the worst one has at least one or two good things about it.  Focus on the positive. And get specific “I appreciate so-and-so because…”

4.  Write it down.  Some people refer to it as “Evening Papers” or “Morning Papers.”  The idea is that they write down every single thing that has them worried, concerned or anxious–then they throw out the paper to make room in the mind for the positive.  You might want to develop your own scheduled “papers,” to coincide with your mediation.

5.  Connect with Nature.  This circles back to our earlier comment about taking a walk.  Or maybe just sit in a park or outdoor area–barefoot, and with your feet on the ground. Try to do it barefoot, so you connect with the Earth, which is one of the most powerful energy sources.  When you connect, you absorb all the Earth’s positive electrons–and that puts you in balance, gives you an overall sense of well-being and helps you stay grounded.  We call it “Vitamin EL.”


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While most people think of New Years Day as a chance for a new start, many REALLY see September as the new beginning. School starts and work gears up. We’re back to our busy lives after those lazy, hazy days of summer.

September is when we’re revitalized, refreshed and determined—and how many times have you heard this? “I’ll finally start/finish that project now!”

With that in mind–compliments of pluggz–are some September resolution ideas:

  • Cook At Home More Often: Good for mind, body, soul and great for the wallet. Since YOU now control what you put in your body, it might see only the freshest, healthiest and most natural foods.
  • Jumpstart Your Day with Nutrition. It doesn’t need to be “typical” breakfast food, but it can also be a green juice, salad, leftover soup, or whatever you want–as long as it’s healthy.
  • Incorporate Fitness Into Your Daily Life: Physical activity enhances mood, controls weight, fights fatigue by carrying nutrients and oxygen to the cells, and even helps promote sleep. Take stairs instead of escalators and elevators; swim; bike; dance; hike or stretch.
  • Get More Sleep: Sleep deprivation leads to exhaustion leads to illness and injury. Experts suggest getting at least 7.5 hours a night.
  • Declutter: Clean house, garage, yard and closets. Get rid of that which no longer serves you.
  • Meditate every day: Even just 10 minutes daily can help!
  • Breathe: As Dr. Andrew Well says on his website: “Practicing regular, mindful breathing can be calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems. To learn some techniques, click here.
  • Practice Self Care: Set aside a little time each day for “just you” and some quiet time. Read a good book, listen to a favorite piece of music, take a long bath, get a massage, hike, etc.
  • Keep a gratitude journal: At the end of each day—no matter how awful that day was–write down 2 or 3 things for which you are grateful; watch your perception change
  • Change your shoes, change your life: Pluggz (grounding) footwear is committed to keeping you well, happy and vibrant! Read this: http://blog.pluggz.com/2013/11/13/change-your-shoes-change-your-life/

Now let’s here from you.  What is your Autumn routine?  How do you get started for the “new year?”



1. Feed your body, mind and spirit, literally.  There’s no doubt that some foods are a lot more powerful than others, and that includes vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds; some spices like turmeric and cinnamon; and herbs, such as parsley and garlic.

2. Manage stress.  Stress is inevitable and if you don’t learn to manage it, your body will be flooded with those “fight or flight” hormones, cortisol and adrenaline.  If you’re a stress case you’ll probably toss and turn all night…and speaking of which…

3. Get enough sleep.  A few years back, the Archives of Internal Medicine conducted a small, contained study.  They gave 153 people the rhino (common cold) virus by nose and those who got less than 7 hours were 300 percent more susceptible to getting a cold.

4. Limit alcohol intake.  Although some studies reveal that moderate alcohol intake can actually aid the immune system, alcohol overall has detrimental effect on health, including the brain and cardio system.

5. Exercise can enhance your mood, by releasing endorphins which can make you feel better and reduce stress. It also controls weight and promotes better sleep. Exercise fights fatigue by carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells.  It also helps detoxify the body, by eliminating toxins, accumulated wastes and poisons.

6. Practice gratitude. Robert Emmons’s book, Thanks!  reveals that those who practice gratitude regularly are 25 percent happier, because you become more optimistic and that makes you healthier and happier, boosting your personal and professional life.  It raises your vibration and makes you feel even more connected, leading to clearer thinking and more decisive action.

7. Get enough rest and recreation.  Go out in the sunshine, play with the kids, pets or your friends. No, it’s not selfish!  If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of others?