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We agree!  You want pluggz for:

  • Fashion

Have you seen the pluggz footwear line? They include the most adorable ballet flats or loafers, with full-grain leather, suede, flannel or linen.  Some have patent leather toecaps. And the ballet flats?  They’re feminine and upscale–with just the right amount of “toe cleavage” to accentuate your legs.

  • Comfort

Whether you go for the ballet flats or loafers, all pluggz footwear has an insole that is moisture wicking and antimicrobial.  These insoles feature memory foam, under the heel and arch of the foot, for added comfort and support,

The heels all have the “trampoline effect,” a cut-out in the middle of the heel that adds extra comfort for the foot while supporting the ankle joint, maintaining a neutral position for the ankle joint and creating foundation for the entire body.  As a result of this design, there is no need for a shank, which further lightens the weight of the shoe and increases overall softness and flexibility.

  • Health Benefits

Have you heard of earthing, or grounding?

Here’s the theory: The Earth is a powerful, natural energy source. When we walk barefoot, we absorb the Earth’s energy through our feet in the form of electrons. This reduces the buildup of protons in our bodies, bringing us into balance.  Walking barefoot allows us to become grounded on a daily basis. Grounding is good for our bodies and makes us feel incredible.

Our ancestors walked barefoot; ever notice how slim and healthy-looking they were?  Well, we can’t do that because our lifestyles require us to wear footwear almost everywhere we go, and the soles of most modern shoes are made of rubber and plastic, which completely insulate us from the Earth beneath our feet.

Pluggz to the rescue!

Pluggz footwear offers us the comfort of a modern rubber sole with the unique addition of a carbon and rubber plug that ensures contact between our feet and the Earth’s surface.  This technology makes wearing pluggz the equivalent to walking barefoot.