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As women we want to be stylish AND comfortable.

Why is it so hard to find a shoe that’s both?

pluggz comfortable ballet flats

Here at Pluggz we are changing that.


Pluggz has a special custom designed cut-out in the bottom on all of our grounding ballet flats. This allows the heel bone to stay centered because of the soft spot in the center of the heel. This cut-out has a “trampoline effect” and cushions your feet as you walk.

pluggz comfortable ballet flats


Perfect for teachers, waitresses, hairdressers, mothers etc who are on their feet all day!

pluggz comfortable ballet flats


Whether you’re a model, designer, retailer, blogger, magazine editor or just into fashion- New York Fashion Week is sure to exhaust you.

We have put together a ‘Fashion Week Survival List’

How To Survive NYC Fashion Week Pluggz

  • Large Bag: To hold the rest of this list.
  • Comfortable Shoes.  You can bring heels for the shows but you will be thankful for comfortable flats the rest of the day.  We suggest pluggz that also have the added health benefit of grounding.  Step outside and put on your pluggz and absorb the earth’s natural electrical charge from the ground.  Grounding affects every aspect of human physiology, promoting overall well-being, helping you release the negative, and embrace positive energy—and, thus, giving you greater energy and a sense of calm, peace and happiness.
  • Camera: We love Nikons because of their sleek look and quality photos.
  • Chic Notepad: Technology. Technology. Technology.  Sometimes it’s good to be old fashion and whip out that notebook and takes notes with a pen (remember these?)
  • Ipad: But don’t forget your ipad so you can upload all the amazing clothes you got to see.
  • Business Card Holder: There’s nothing more embarrassing than handing over a crumpled business card from the bottom of your handbag with a few makeup stains on it, to someone important! We love these handmade in Cambodia and benefit Global Good Partner.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort in a shoe?  And what if we also threw in an added health benefit of grounding?

Who says women can’t have it all?

Pluggz: where health meets style.  We like to call it ‘The Trifecta.’ 

It was important for our CEO, Sharon Whiteley,to develop a shoe that not only had the health benefit of grounding but also looked stylish and was comfortable.

Pluggz_JewelTone_Fall Shoes_comfortable shoes

Health:  Pluggz incorporate an exclusive technology that reconnects people with the natural energy source of the earth.  Each pair of shoes contains black plugs made from a custom formulated carbon and rubber compound that sit under a weight bearing part of our feet ensuring electrical contact between the earth and our bodies. This proprietary plug feature allows people to get grounded when walking on grass, sand, soil — even concrete city sidewalks. Being grounded is scientifically proven to be beneficial to one’s overall well-being. You can read more here.

Fashion/Comfort: Pluggz not only offers extreme comfort, they also are super stylish, with a collection of Ballet flats -from sophisticated metallics and suede loafers.