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As women we want to be stylish AND comfortable.

Why is it so hard to find a shoe that’s both?

pluggz comfortable ballet flats

Here at Pluggz we are changing that.


Pluggz has a special custom designed cut-out in the bottom on all of our grounding ballet flats. This allows the heel bone to stay centered because of the soft spot in the center of the heel. This cut-out has a “trampoline effect” and cushions your feet as you walk.

pluggz comfortable ballet flats


Perfect for teachers, waitresses, hairdressers, mothers etc who are on their feet all day!

pluggz comfortable ballet flats


Friday night is upon us! After a long week of work, it’s time to go out.  Friends have been called! Dinner reservations have been made! With a fabulous outfit and drink on hand, the night is finally getting started.  But wait; there remains one problem, what shoes to wear?  After spending a long week at work in constricting high heels, these feet need a break.  So what shoes can provide comfort but still be dressy enough for a night out? Strappy sandals? Nah, just as suffocating as high heels.  Wedges? Boots? No, no, no.  Wait…Pluggz ballet flats? Perfect!  Women can feel fashionable and stylish when dressing up with pluggz flats.  Along with sleek sophistication, the supple, full grain leather shoes can provide much needed comfort for a night out after a long week at work.  Fortunately for us, pluggz can be worn any day of week, not just on the weekends.

Dressing Up With pluggz is always an option Pluggz ballet flats can dress up any outfit for any day of the week. They complement traditional skirt and pant suits and can add the finishing polish to a knee or even floor length dress.   Pluggz flats also look great with jeans and the ever so popular legging.  With a variety of colors to choose from such as black, bronze, brown, pewter, ivory, taupe and a tan linen, it is always easy to find a perfect match for any outfit.

Along with being fashionable and flattering, pluggz ballets provide an extra level of support, featuring contoured arches, memory foam padded heels and slip-resistant soles.  For those long weekend nights or tiring work days, pluggz provide much needed relief from sky high heels, too. If that was not reason enough to ditch the heels for a day or night, all pluggz shoes contain a proprietary technology – conductive plugs designed into the shoe’s soles that enable the flow of the earth’s natural energy (electrons) into one’s body. This is called grounding, or earthing.

Grounding has many benefits by restoring the body’s electrons to a more balanced state. Among those reported are increased energy, less stress and reduction of inflammation. With every step on the ground – even concrete city sidewalks – you are also doing great things for your body when you put on a pair of pluggz.

So day or night, when looking for a comfortable and also a fashionable, great looking shoe, look no further than pluggz ballet flats. Dressing up with pluggz can put the finishing touch on a high fashion or softer sophisticated look while keeping your feet – and body- happy.

Pluggz also features comfortable, casual flip flops for both women and men.  To view additional shoe styles or to find out more about pluggz visit www.pluggz.com.