Make your walk

As we head into Thanksgiving and the busy holiday season, walks can be the best form of self-therapy! Even a short walk (only fifteen to twenty minutes) can be rejuvenating, grounding and even a form of meditation. A crisp Fall walk can leave you feeling energized, refreshed, more positive, and in the present moment.  Use your


How To Prevent Conference Fatigue:  How to stay grounded at your next conference, workshop, or long training. Long days in chilly hotel rooms where you mingle with strangers (or friends), breathe in air conditioning, and stand for hours on end can be a mix of excitement and fatigue. You often leave these situations sick, tired,

  Stress: Sometimes it can be a good thing, helping us rise to a major challenge or big event.  Even happiness can make us stressed, like falling in love or making a major, much-sought-after career move or getting a big promotion.  In these cases, though, the body returns to the original state once everything returns