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Grounding as ecotherapy

Many have known since the beginning of time that Nature, affectionately call “Mother Earth” – is rich with healing properties. And those healing benefits are free for the taking!
Not only can we access this healing by walking directly on the ground barefoot, but also when wearing conductive shoes (even on city sidewalks – concrete is just reconstituted sand and water and conductive to the earth). Once connected, one’s feet are able to get the amazing nutrients in the form of electrons back into our bodies. This is called “grounding” (also known as earthing). Recent scientific studies now show that being outside just inhaling nature’s natural fragrances and viewing greenery and trees can positively contribute to ones health and well being.

Forest Bathing
The Japanese long ago called it “forest bathing” — the mere act of looking at nature through a window proved beneficial. New books such as Nature Fix) and the just released NBC video lauding new research, attest to the healthful benefits.
So, get outdoors, take a stroll in a park or garden patch and breathe in what is your birthright. We believe literally being grounded is by far the best way to benefit even more so. We encourage barefoot tootsies making direct contact with the ground or wearing grounding footwear such as ours, called pluggz ( are even more advantageous, of course. And you’ll be super comfy and look great in the process!

Pluggz Grounding Footwear

Most of us love that yummy feeling of swishing our bare feet on grass or in sand on the beach. There’s a reason. It’s physiological. The ground has natural energy stored inside called electrons which our bodies need – some crave. When our feet make direct contact with the ground these electrons flow into our body. It’s called grounding — also known as earthing.
Direct contact with the earth is the most direct and natural way to get grounded for sure. Other means are wearing shoes that are what’s called conductive that enable the flow of this energy into the body. And there are conductive products you can plug into inside as well through a simple grounding cord.
When outside in your bare feet watch out for the pitfalls and perils.  Having a clean patch of ground or perfectly manicured beach to walk on is key. And you don’t need to walk either. Just bare feet to the ground so you can see what’s underfoot is all it takes.
Regarding the perils there are many that lurk in public places. These include dog, town and city parks as well as beaches, lake sides and athletic fields. They all can be strewn with harmful and often not visible culprits.  For instance — dog pee and poop or just  residue; beverage can tops, broken bottle pieces, pigeon droppings and even more unsavory items such as condoms and even syringes. In addition to many puncturing your feet and creating a beeline for bacteria to seep into your body, germs and fungi invisible on the surface can have a hey day getting into your system just by coming in contact with your bare skin. Our skin is our largest organ of transfer into our bodies, more so than what we put in our mouths.
So beware the seduction of beckoning nature and its lure. Just watch where you walk when barefoot.



How To Prevent Conference Fatigue:  How to stay grounded at your next conference, workshop, or long training.

conference-nametagLong days in chilly hotel rooms where you mingle with strangers (or friends), breathe in air conditioning, and stand for hours on end can be a mix of excitement and fatigue. You often leave these situations sick, tired, hoarse, overwhelmed, giddy, and just feeling a bit all over the place. Your feet often hurt, your digestion system out of whack, and even though you may be buzzing with new ideas, your whole body and mind are often just plain tired.

Here’s how to get through every conference taking with you the positive, but leaving behind the draining feeling, the sore feet, and (hopefully) the post-conference colds!

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travelpluggzIf the thought of holiday travel makes you shake and quake, use a little advance planning, creativity—and bargaining, when needed–to help make it a calming and almost pleasurable experience.

Here are some tips to help you cope:

  •  Always start your day with a good, healthy breakfast that includes some protein, healthy fats, fruit and/or vegetables—and NO sugar, because that will only make you feel moody, tired and irritated.
  • Stay organized: As much as a week before, start filling up your carry-on bag .  You don’t want to forget essentials, such as important documents, headphones, sleep masks, comfortable shoes, etc.
  •  Leave early enough so traffic won’t make you fret over the possibility of missed schedules.
  • Bring treats for fidgety kids and pets, just in case a little bribery is in order.
  • Have a list of car games to keep kids occupied!
  • Stop, stretch and walk around at least every 20-30 minutes if possible.
  • Get to the airport, train station or bus terminal early:  You want to be able to breathe deeply and relax. You can’t do that if you’re rushing to buy tickets and keep a schedule.
  • Bring your own healthy snacks: Avoid the temptation of airport concession stands or unhealthy and calorie-laden means and snacks on the planes and trains.
  • Drink up!  A must-have, especially on airplanes where the air is dry and recirculated.
  • Bring noise-cancelling headphones:  They block out plane or train noise, chatter and crying children.
  • Be gentle, but firm, with that seat kicker:  Nothing is so vexing as to have a child kick your seat on a plane, train or bus, and it can be pretty exasperating for both the victim and the parent.  If you’re the victim, turn around, smile sweetly, and ask the both the parent and child to stop kicking.

Of course, sometimes the child will keep kicking. If that happens, or if you want to avoid any possibility of confrontation, ask the flight attendant, train conductor or bus driver for help.

Now, if you’re a parent traveling with kids, you’ll be faced with boredom, crying and whining.  You might try taking off your child’s shoes—sometimes it relaxes feet—not to mention, it really hurts to kick without the support of a shoe.

  • Dress comfortably!  Wear layers and loose-fitting clothes in comfortable fabrics. And don’t forget your pluggz, grounding shoes that combine comfort, health and style.  The next best thing to being barefoot, the shoes will allow you to connect to the Earth and absorb that planet’s electrons so you feel calm, with an overall sense of well being.


Pluggz is a footwear brand featuring proprietary grounding technology. Pluggz shoes give people a direct connection to the Earth when they walk on grass, sand, soil and even concrete. To view our complete line, please click here.