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blackshoesandballHaving to box things back up, and those long, long lines in the post office. Shopping online, and having to return makes us all shudder, right?

Well, with some know-how, understanding and preparation, your online shoe shopping can be just as satisfying as an in-store experience.  No returns necessary!

 You need shoes that fit the way you walk and give the necessary support, according to Dr. Michael Gazaleh, DC, of Hudson Family Rehab in New Jersey, noting that “Many times it’s fashion over function and that’s when we usually buy the wrong type of shoe.

The shoe should feel good the minute it’s on the foot, with no break-in period. “Otherwise, you’re just damaging your foot while wearing the shoe,” said Dr. Oliver Zong, DPM, of NYC Footcare, noting that sizes change not only with age, but with life events, such as pregnancy.  “Don’t assume that the size that was right for you a year ago is necessarily right for you now,” he said

When shopping online, Dr. Dina Tsentseresky, DPM, also of NYC Footcare, gave these suggestions:

  1. Know your foot size. Measure, preferably, at the end of the day when feet are tired and achy from the day’s wear-and-tear.
  2. Know the shoe as much as possible. Do they run large, small, wide or narrow? What about the toebox and heel? Do they stretch with wear?
  3. Know your own foot. Is your arch high? Do you have a bunion? Heel problems?

Finally, she adds, pay attention to materials; for instance, a natural, such as leather, breathes better than a synthetic.

Pluggz Footwear knows that shopping for shoes online can be daunting and the thought of returning is sometimes a hassle. We have created a customer service that will talk to you before you buy, so if you are one of those people who have trouble with fit, our customer service people are there. We know everyone wants to be both stylish AND comfortable. We created our shoes with a special custom designed cut-out in the heel of all our grounding shoes, ballet flats included. So don’t be afraid, order online – and walk around the globe in style and comfort.