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pluggz-feminine_power1Did you know many behaviors in the business world are associated with women, despite the fact that feminine power is still misunderstood by many, women included?

Even the Dalai Lama recently proclaimed that the world “will be saved by the Western woman.”

It IS pretty easy to misunderstand the concept of feminine power because, for years, it was seen as some kind of weakness, with tears and other outbursts.

It’s really strength, however, that combines inner wisdom, intuition and a need to nurture.

Last year, Gallup revealed in its 2013 State of the American Workplace report that 70 percent of workers are disengaged. Reasons included lack of fulfillment, challenge, and learning/growth.

That doesn’t exactly tap into the feminine power, does it?

Women make great leaders, and that holds true whether they work IN the home, OUT of the home or BOTH.

The Old Girl’s Network: Insider Advice for Women Building Businesses in a Man’s World, by Sharon Whiteley (founder and CEO of pluggz), Kathy Elliott and Connie Duckworth,  was written specifically for the woman building a business—but this wonderful advice can be applied to any environment—and to any gender.

It explains that women make good leaders because of their ability to:

  • Multitask: They keep many balls in the air just as easily as they singularly focus.
  • Empathize: Women relate easily to others and nurture when needed.
  • Realistically self-assess: They recognize and understand gaps in their skill set and seek advice when needed.
  • Optimize natural resources: Women can make highly educated decisions by relying on their innate intuition when the facts and data are sparse.
  • Collaborate: They build teams, form partnerships and communities very well, often seemingly without effort.

Now let us hear from you (guys, too!)  What feminine trait do you use most often, and most successfully, in your environment?




We wash, scrub and sanitize—but no one is able to live in a totally bacteria-free environment.  “If you’re breathing, there will always be some bacteria,” said Carol Alt recently on her health show.

We, at pluggz, think you’d be shocked to know that some of the most unlikely places that are full of germs, possibly leading to illness and disease.

For those concerned about chemicals, there are some pretty great organic green products on the market; also keep in mind that many essential oils, like tea tree and clove, have anti-bacterial properties.

Some of the most unpleasant surprises include:

  • Handbags

They have more bacteria than toilets, says Initial Washroom Hygiene. Of all the bags they swabbed, 20 percent had bacteria-related contamination that crossed inside to hand and face creams, lipstick and mascara.

Stick with the leather or vinyl bags, since they tend to be cleaner than cloth.  If you’re in a public restroom, hang your bag on a hook, rather than leaving it on the floor.

  • Shopping cart handles

They’re handled by many people every day, and swabs have revealed saliva, bacteria and more.  What’s more, raw food also carries some pretty nasty pathogens.

A lot of stores now have disinfectant wipes near their carts.  If yours doesn’t, bring your own or use a cart handle cover.

  • Money

This is one of the worst offenders. One paper bill can be handled by dozens of people. Also note that viruses and bacteria live on surfaces for several days.

If you handle money, wash your hands frequently, use disinfectant wipes—and for heaven’s sake, wash those hands before eating!

  • The kitchen sink 

Dirty dishes transfer a lot of bacteria!  Kitchen sinks also often house dirty, sometimes smelly sponges–and that odor is caused by bacteria!

Keep kitchen sink free of dirty dishes, and throw those sponges in the microwave to nuke for 2 minutes to kill bacteria. If that’s not possible, throw them in the washer or just replace them.

  • Bathtub

Kind of ironic, isn’t it? The very place you go to get clean is full of bacteria–even more so than toilets!

Make sure you clean the tub after each bath or shower.

So now we turn to you–what are some of the things you do to stay as bacteria-free as possible?  We’d love to hear!





feetOkay, it was a play on words from that song, but have you noticed how much better we all feel in the summer, what with those warm breezes, ocean smells, lighter clothing and longer daylight hours?  Seems like everything is calmer and a bit slower, doesn’t it?

Summer keeps us grounded because we get plenty of:

  • Earth’s Electrons: We often walk barefoot in summer and, when we do, we absorb the earth’s free electrons. It’s called grounding, and it keeps us healthy.

Cavemen walked barefoot, but our hectic lives and (often highly insulated) shoes cause an electron deficiency, creating an imbalance, associated with inflammation and lack of overall well being. Solution:  Wear a grounding shoe like pluggz.

  • Sand:  We seem to sleep better at the beach, and we usually think it’s because of the sound of the waves– but it’s really because sand and ocean water are natural conductive materials that will help you get rid of positive electrons and negative energy.
  • Light:  Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) leads to excessive sleeping, low energy, depression, and overeating; there’s not much need to worry about that with the long days of summer.
  • Sunshine=Vitamin D:  Although it’s possible to get it from some foods, such as fish, eggs and cod liver oil, the main source of Vitamin D is sunshine.  It gets synthesized through the skin, and 10 minutes is all it takes to avoid a deficiency.  Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, and may also protect against osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cancer, and other diseases.
  • Abundance=Vibration: There are plenty of flowers, greenery, blue sky, water and wildlife in summer—and it’s all free. That’s abundance.  Abundance is a vibration.  Vibration is energy.  When your energy is high, you’re hopeful, optimistic, happy and healthy.



Calvin Coolidge said it best in a 1924 address: “Teaching is one of the noblest of professions. It requires an adequate preparation and training, patience, devotion, and a deep sense of responsibility. Those who mold the human mind have wrought not for time, but for eternity.”Just about anything can make a kid unruly, and teachers are on their feet all day long—that’s a recipe for stress, anxiety and a lack of overall wellness.

Ideas to brighten up any day:

  • Turn the purse into a mini survival kit, and carry:
  1. A small vial or two of essential oils for a little aromatherapy.  Need calming? Take a whiff of lavender or geranium. Got a headache?  Combine lavender and peppermint. Have indigestion or a tummy ache? Try fennel and ginger. Need a mood uplift?  Sniff a little lemon.
  2. A favorite poem or quote.   William Butler Yeats’ quote reminds teachers why they do what they do: “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”
  3. Healthy snacks, such as an organic apple, orange, grapefruit, mini carrots or raw nuts and seeds.
  • Meditate:  Two or three minutes are really all it takes to become anxiety-free. The Internet is full of free guided meditation downloads, but here’s one from Deepak Chopra. To listen, click here.
  • Wear grounding shoes, and your posture will thank youPluggz footwear combines style, comfort and grounding, with a special custom designed cut-out in the shoe bottom to allow the heel bone to stay centered, important because of the soft spot in the center of the heel. This cut-out has a “trampoline effect” and cushions your feet while walking. By the way, grounding is scientifically proven to keep you calm, stress-free and, well, grounded.



Nature is abundance, and it’s all around us, free for the asking:  flowers, greenery, water, blue sky, wildlife.

Abundance is a vibration, and vibration is energy.

When your vibration is high, you’re positive, optimistic and happy. Everything seems to flow seamlessly, because the Universe sends you situations that have the same energy and vibration you are putting out. The Universe will bring you opportunities that match this feeling on an energetic basis, and that can be anything, from financial abundance to better relationships.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling negative and out of sorts—well, you’ll get that, too!Nature gives us:

  •  Flowers:  They’ve been acknowledged throughout history for their medicinal properties and often have cleansing and antimicrobial properties, and can boost immune systems, increase vitality and enhance mood.

 Speaking of mood, have you ever tried to stay in a bad one when you walk into a room filled with beautiful blooms and sweet scents?

  • Green:  Is associated with spring, renewal, refreshment and vitality.  Chinese medicine relates the color green to the liver (which is where wellness really begins), emotional stability and creativity.
  • Blue Sky: Look at blue and think trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, tranquility, calmness, faith, truth, and heaven. Considered beneficial to mind and body, that color slows metabolism and produces a calming effect—much like grounding. Sky symbolizes infinity- endless possibilities and freedom!
  • Water: A universal symbol of change, water is also associated with emotions, life and birth, forgiveness, spirituality—and the color blue.
  • Wildlife:  We think of animals in the jungle or in the wild, but many also use that word to define life out in the open, on your own, and on your own terms.





Nothing’s sexier than someone who walks straight–with ease–and is smiling, confident and not only looks great–but you know that person also FEELS great.  Kind of lights up a room, doesn’t it?  You feel like that person’s approachable, right?

That’s comfort–and you don’t need to wear high heels or to jam your toes in a small box to prove it your sexiness.

Actress Cybill Shepherd got the ball rolling at the 1985 Emmy Awards; she created a stir when orange sneakers peeked out under her ball gown. As she told People.Com: “I’ve been told high heels are sexy, but I don’t need them to look sexy. The only way I’d be comfortable in high heels is to wear them in bed. And I didn’t want to think about my feet for four hours.”

We’ve come a long way baby! We no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort and health, thanks to pluggz.

Get rid of your high heels and gain:

  • Confidence.  When you feel good, you automatically look good.  You’ll stand straight, move with ease, and you’ll smile.

Michael Gazaleh, DC, a chiropractor with Hudson Family Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, explained that wearing high heels tightens all of the muscles, from the calves to lower back.  “That kind of repetitive stress creates an imbalance and affects how you feel,” he said.

Think of the spine as a stack of boxes.  When one “box” is out of line, they’ll all fall out and you’ll feel it from the calves to the knees, neck and head.

  • Better posture:  Ever see someone trying to walk in heels?  The back is arched, the pelvis and chest are thrust forward, the butt sticks out, and the ankles wobble as the person tries to keep balance. The face is usually tight, with an angry-looking grimace.  Just think: With improved posture, you might even look a little thinner!
  • Better concentration at your job. You won’t be thinking about your throbbing, stinging feet. You won’t be worrying about how you’ll be able to walk to that meeting, how you’ll carry your sneakers, or where you’ll change without anyone seeing– so you’ll be able to focus on your job, projects, deadlines and life– NOT your tootsies.


organic skin and hair care


You generally live a healthy, natural lifestyle with fresh, whole foods, essential oils, yoga, and plenty of activity and outdoors time.

Then you put on moisturizer and BAM!  It contains pesticides, parabens, glycols, petroleum, sulphates, phthalates, GMOs, silicones, artificial dyes or fragrances, formaldehyde, and a lot of other scary ingredients that conventional beauty products often contain.

Our skin is the body’s largest organ, and it absorbs over 80 percent of what we put on it.  Yikes! Time to think of switching to a 100 percent organic, food-grade, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free product, isn’t it?

Beware, because not all organic is the same. Many are labeled “all natural” or “organic,” but still contain some toxic chemicals and/or pesticides. Make sure you choose product that’s 100 percent USDA certified organic and includes that seal on the label.

When you go organic with your beauty products, you’ll:

  • Experience Health Benefits.  You’ll see fewer allergies and irritants because there won’t be any chemicals, toxins and pesticides. Organic skin products are “cleaner” and won’t clog your pores, so there will be fewer blemishes.

The earth is a powerful energy source and when an ingredient comes straight from that planet, all those positive electrons are soaked up. As a result, healing properties are passed on to you, giving you an overall sense of well being and a calming effect.

  • Preserve the environment. Since these products are created from ingredients grown without toxic pesticides and fertilizers, there will be less damage to the soil, more in keeping with safe ecological standards and practices.
  • Encounter good karma.  Ethical farmers are a dying breed.  You help to sustain them by buying organic food-grade products—and that goes for what you put on your body, as well as what you put in it.


woman on desk-yoga

Chances are you spend most of your day sitting and hunched over your computer—and that’s not good for your health, creativity or productivity.

When you hunch, says BJ Dowlen, founder and CEO of The BodyWorks Ball, you’re cutting off the oxygen to both lungs and brain. “Take little breaks, stretch and move,” she says, “You’re not just working your muscles, but also getting a dose of those natural feel-good hormones, endorphins.  And a happy worker is more productive, less stressed and more grounded.”

Here are some of our thoughts for creating those little breaks. All are easy to do, whether at office or home.

  • Got wall—or floor? Grab a ball or foam roller and get rid of those kinks

We love the Bodyworks Ball ( When you lean up against the wall to use it– oh, baby!

Foam rollers are especially great for aching and tight calves and want to give yourself a little ART (Active Resistance Technique.)

Treat your feet:  High heels won’t just give you foot ailments like bunions and hammertoes, but they’ll throw your entire center of gravity off, explains “Toe Whisperer” Gary Williams. That hurts!

Massage your feet by rolling them over a ball.  Gary Williams also recommends taking a few minutes to talk around with knees connected, as if they’re taped together, to give the lower extremities a boost.

  • Indulge—in moderation!  Sometimes you just need a moment to stop, smell and savor a treat. Dark, raw chocolate is yummy and healthy, full of flavanoids, antioxidants and nutrients.  Just remember:  Everything in moderation!
  • The office “spa” Turn lunch time into a 45 or 50-minute yoga class; the deep breathing and movement will calm and rejuvenate—and you’ll be ready to go back and face the afternoon challenges.

Earth Day is held every April 22.  It’s the day we honor our Earth. Events take place around the globe to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

You may be thinking, “That’s great–but it doesn’t have much to do with me.”  Yes, it does–the Earth is the most powerful energy source and when you connect, whether walking barefoot or wearing a grounding shoe, you soak up all those great electrons–and that has enormous health benefits to you.

Click here to watch a movie about grounding.




When many hear the word “inflammation,” they think of something acute, such as a blow to the knee, which causes pain, redness and swelling. Acute inflammation, in small amounts, can be good because it protects and heals the body by drawing blood to the site and sending in those disease fighters, white blood cells.

Chronic inflammation is insidious and potentially much more harmful.  It can last for several years or months, and is being more and more identified as the cause of many chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disorders.

Chronic inflammation starts out, as what many think of, innocently enough– often in the mouth.  It gets ugly very quickly.

We’ve all heard of gingivitis, right? It’s common but if you think it’s not a big deal, think again. It’s gum inflammation, with bacteria.  Research reveals that mouth bacteria can enter the heart and lead to heart disease, clogged arteries, stroke and bacterial endocarditis. (Ever wonder why dentists make some take antibiotics before teeth cleaning?)

Let untreated, gingivitis can progress to periodontal disease, where the bone and gums actually separate from the teeth to form pockets. Those pockets become infected and produce even more bacteria.

You should also know that some chronic inflammatory diseases, such as continual UTIs or cystitis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), some types of inflammatory bowel disorders, or even hepatitis, can increase risk factors for cancer.


Grounding, sometimes referred to as Earthing, is one big way to fight inflammation. The Earth is a powerful energy source and it contains electrons.  When we connect by walking barefoot or wearing a grounding shoe, we absorb those electrons which, in turn, fight those rogue cells, free radicals.

Without a regular connection to the Earth, people can develop call an electron deficiency, leading to imbalances and potentially to significant health problems.