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Grounding as ecotherapy

Many have known since the beginning of time that Nature, affectionately call “Mother Earth” – is rich with healing properties. And those healing benefits are free for the taking!
Not only can we access this healing by walking directly on the ground barefoot, but also when wearing conductive shoes (even on city sidewalks – concrete is just reconstituted sand and water and conductive to the earth). Once connected, one’s feet are able to get the amazing nutrients in the form of electrons back into our bodies. This is called “grounding” (also known as earthing). Recent scientific studies now show that being outside just inhaling nature’s natural fragrances and viewing greenery and trees can positively contribute to ones health and well being.

Forest Bathing
The Japanese long ago called it “forest bathing” — the mere act of looking at nature through a window proved beneficial. New books such as Nature Fix) and the just released NBC video lauding new research, attest to the healthful benefits.
So, get outdoors, take a stroll in a park or garden patch and breathe in what is your birthright. We believe literally being grounded is by far the best way to benefit even more so. We encourage barefoot tootsies making direct contact with the ground or wearing grounding footwear such as ours, called pluggz ( are even more advantageous, of course. And you’ll be super comfy and look great in the process!

Pluggz Grounding Footwear

Most of us love that yummy feeling of swishing our bare feet on grass or in sand on the beach. There’s a reason. It’s physiological. The ground has natural energy stored inside called electrons which our bodies need – some crave. When our feet make direct contact with the ground these electrons flow into our body. It’s called grounding — also known as earthing.
Direct contact with the earth is the most direct and natural way to get grounded for sure. Other means are wearing shoes that are what’s called conductive that enable the flow of this energy into the body. And there are conductive products you can plug into inside as well through a simple grounding cord.
When outside in your bare feet watch out for the pitfalls and perils.  Having a clean patch of ground or perfectly manicured beach to walk on is key. And you don’t need to walk either. Just bare feet to the ground so you can see what’s underfoot is all it takes.
Regarding the perils there are many that lurk in public places. These include dog, town and city parks as well as beaches, lake sides and athletic fields. They all can be strewn with harmful and often not visible culprits.  For instance — dog pee and poop or just  residue; beverage can tops, broken bottle pieces, pigeon droppings and even more unsavory items such as condoms and even syringes. In addition to many puncturing your feet and creating a beeline for bacteria to seep into your body, germs and fungi invisible on the surface can have a hey day getting into your system just by coming in contact with your bare skin. Our skin is our largest organ of transfer into our bodies, more so than what we put in our mouths.
So beware the seduction of beckoning nature and its lure. Just watch where you walk when barefoot.



The Doggie Paddle/Swim is something you both can do to keep fit and healthy!

The Doggie Paddle/Swim is something you both can do to keep fit and healthy!

Editor’s Note: Our 4-legged furry friends do so much for our health, so we must do everything we can to keep them fit, healthy and grounded.

Animals now have many similar ailments as humans, such as obesity (according to the Association for Pet Obesity, an estimated 54% of dogs and cats were classified by their veterinarians as obese in 2014), high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, anxiety and more.

Colleen Demling offers some expert tips for keeping your furry friend healthy.  Guess what—some ideas you’ll even be able to do together!


As a dog owner, the owner of a dog training company,  and someone who is very focused on health and fitness, I know that the cost of taking care of your fury friend can be high, but much of that is often for emergency care.

I also know that research is constantly revealing ways animals can boost immunity, lower blood pressure, ease stress, and more for humans.

Just as with humans, focus on wellness and prevention. Here are some tips for keeping your furry friend (and maybe you, too) healthy and fit.

  • Talk To Your Veterinarian

While most dogs need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day, just like us, no one form of workout is right for every dog so talk to your veterinarian before starting their exercise regimen. Make sure your vet educates you on the signs of exhaustion or overheating. If your pooch pants excessively or hyperventilates, if his tongue and gums turn brick red, or if he can’t keep up and stands or lies listlessly, stop exercising and seek immediate veterinary care. These may be signs of a heat stroke, which is potentially fatal.

  • Doggie Paddle With Your Pooch

Not only is swimming fun and a great work out for both of you, its great for dogs with arthritis as well as dogs with short noses that are not efficient for breathing. Taking a dip in the cool water can help overcome heat exhaustion that’s caused by exertion.

  • Interval Walking and Jogging

Dog owners walk an average of 300 minutes per week, whereas people without dogs walk about 168 minutes. Take longer walks a day and if your dog is healthy enough, try adding a few sprints in between to boost their metabolism as well yours.

  • Playing Fetch For Your Abs

Tone your tummy while your dog sprints for his favorite fetch toy. Sit on the floor and, as you hold the toy in your hand. come up for a crunch and pretend to throw. Alternate between throwing and faking it and you’ll get a good abdominal workout while your pup works its cardio.

  • Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course is great agility and circuit training for both you and your companion. For yourself, set up specific stations like jump rope, hula-hoop, kettle bells, etc. For your dog, set up stations like hurdles, mazes, and sprints.  There are several companies that even specialize in working out with your dog including and

  • Puzzles

Just like us, it’s as important to keep mind agile as it is the body. Train your dog to think by teaching them to hunt or play hide and seek with their favorite toys or treats.

  • Nutrition

As hard as it may be to resist those big puppy eyes when they beg, it’s imperative to not feed your dog human food as it can take years off their life. Small, low-activity dogs need only about 185 to 370 calories daily, while a large pooch between 67 to 88 pounds may need between 1,000 to 2,000 calories, depending on activity level and gender. Yet many of our dogs get far more food than they need. More than one-third of U.S. dogs over 1 year old are overweight.  Consult with your veterinarian about your pets diet and what treats are right for them.


Colleen Demling, CPDT, CBCC owns,, one of the most successful dog training companies in San Diego. She has been featured numerous times on local and national TV and Radio.


Pluggz is a footwear brand featuring proprietary grounding technology. Pluggz shoes give people a direct connection to the Earth when they walk on grass, sand, soil and even concrete. To view our complete line, please click here.







“We’re close to another New Year,” says Jim Ryan, founder and president of Jim Ryan Talks, an organization dedicated to the cultivation and development of each individual’s potential for living a life full of joy, fulfillment and success. Jim is also author of Simple Happiness, 52 Easy Ways to Lighten Up.

He continues: “Take steps to make your life better, to accomplish something great. Come up with one thing that you intend to make happen in 2015.”

Need more inspiration?  Following are some excerpts from Jim’s blog:

  • Live with purpose and awareness:  Your life is made of both small and big things. Pay special attention to how you feel in each moment. That awareness will help you live a life of more purpose, with  better choices and better feelings.
  • Release the parking brake of your life. Our limiting beliefs are like a parking brake. Once we rid ourselves of those beliefs that tell us who we can’t be and what we can’t do, watch out—because we’ll start living life full speed ahead.

Many of us live our lives like we’re driving a car with the parking brake on…going through the motions but not really living.

  • Harness the power of your mind. Build a strong belief in yourself. Be determined. Be positive. What is your goal? Make the attainment of that goal your dominant thought. Visualize your achievement often during the day. When the negative thoughts arrive, acknowledge them and maybe even thank them for their service– but quickly turn to the affirmation of your success.
    Check out this short video. Refer to it often.
  • Enjoy your own company: “ I crack up laughing whenever I hear someone say ‘I was bored out of my mind. It’s okay to be bored. When we notice ourselves feeling bored, that’s the best time to work on enjoying our own company. It’s time to reflect, plan, dream, to connect with our divine side. Notice when you have nothing pressing to do. Sit for a minute or two and just think. Reflect. Consider what you love about yourself. Consider the many ways in which you are blessed. Be happy with who you are. Check out this video and enjoy one of nature’s beauties:
  • Focus on your accomplishments:  What have you done that you feel good about? Look at everything: family, career, personal, health & fitness, money saved, debt reduced, books read, trips taken, volunteering. List the big things and the little ones. Feel good about what you have achieved. (Editor’s note:  We once knew someone who kept a “Success Log” and whenever she had a particularly difficult day, she’d pull it out to read.  Too often we just focus and beat ourselves up.)


Pluggz is a footwear brand featuring proprietary grounding technology. Pluggz shoes give people a direct connection to the Earth when they walk on grass, sand, soil and even concrete. To view our complete line, please click here.

Happy_life   Tis the season: We make all kinds of promises and resolutions for the New Year, then forget about them by mid-February or March, but by just remembering to do a few simple things, we can always feel healthy and happy, with more energy than ever!

Are you guilty of making any of these wellness mistakes?

  • You skimp on sleep: We all have occasional sleepless nights, but when we’re chronically sleep deprived, we increase our susceptibility to illness and injury.  I mean, will you really feel like making that green smoothie after a sleepless night—or will you get the energy anywhere your body craves it, like with an easy-to-reach muffin and coffee? Health experts recommend between 7.5 to 9 hours of shut-eye a night; the exact amount will depend upon your own body, so you may need to experiment.
  •  You skip meals. No, we’re not talking about a nutritional cleansing where you flood your body with nutrients, while keeping the calorie count low. We’re talking about randomly skipping, like when you rush out of the house in the morning without any nutrition at all. In fact, one of the best ways to keep that energy going all day long is to fire up your day with something nutritious, like a green smoothie–and here’s the recipe for the one Dr. Oz and Oprah drink every day.

Here’s what happens when you randomly skip meals: Your body thinks it’s starving so it “protects” you by lowering metabolism. That means you could actually gain weight and you might even overeat at the next one, since the body insists on making up lost calories.

  • You ignore toxins, processed foods and chemicals: Eat whole, fresh foods and keep it clean—meaning no processing or chemicals. In fact, NY Times Best Selling Author, in his book, Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants, Michael Pollan, says we should eat foods our grandmothers would know–and never eat products that have 5 or more ingredients, especially if you can’t say the names.

Read labels and try to use green, environmentally-friendly cleaning products. The healthier and stronger you are, the better you can fight the ill effects of poor air quality.

  • You fight cravings, rather than making them a frenemy.  Bodies are remarkably smart and can give us valuable information, if we let them. For instance, did you know that a salty/crunchy craving can signal anxiety? Did you know that a craving for sugar is often the body’s cry for energy? Once you address with those issues, and “feed them properly, the cravings will be eliminated, your energy will increase and excess weight will release.
  • You don’t get enough physical activity:  Not everyone loves the gym–and bravo, if you do love it!. If you don’t, please do not use it as a reason to do nothing.  If you can’t, or don’t want to, go to the gym, you can hike, swim, play tennis or some other sport that you love, take the stairs rather than the elevator…you get the point.

Physical activity fights fatigue by carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells and helps detoxify the body, by getting rid of toxins, accumulated wastes and poisons. It improves our mood by releasing those natural, feel-good substances, endorphins which help us cope with stress and sleep better.

  • You don’t stay grounded: When you connect to the Earth, you absorb all of those great, positive electrons.  Those electrons keep us in balance, calm us and give us an overall sense of wellbeing.  The best way to do that is to walk barefoot—but that’s not exactly practical in this world, so the next best thing is a good and stylish grounding shoe like pluggz.

About Pluggz: Pluggz is a footwear brand featuring proprietary grounding technology. Pluggz shoes give people a direct connection to the Earth when they walk on grass, sand, soil and even concrete. To view our complete line, please click here.



We all love Halloween, but what can footwear possibly have in common with this holiday? We’ll tell you!

1. Color! Autumn and, in particular, October, seems to explode, what with those bright blue skies, gorgeous foliage, orange decorative lights, pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns.

Take a look at the vibrant colors of the pluggz Fall line: purple loafers, green mocs, red and black quilted ballet flats—plus, of course, those classic neutrals like black and brown, so reminiscent of tree trunks and the ground!


2. Grounding

Fall’s the time when we start eating more root vegetables, like carrots, parsnips and turnips. Rather than growing toward the sun like greens, these veggies grow up from the ground–and they, in turn, make us feel more grounded.

Pluggz keep us grounded too; in fact, they are the next best thing to going barefoot, because a proprietary “plug” connects us to the Earth and enables electrons to freely pass through. In today’s modern, hectic world, we often have a shortage of electrons which creates an imbalance—and, in turn, negatively impacts our health.

3. They make us happy!

Halloween brings out our inner child. We jump in the leaves, connect with nature and tell silly jokes (which turn us all into 4th graders). We go pumpkin picking and then carve them up and then go trick or treating.

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Shoes make us happy, especially when they both look and feel good. When our feet smile, so do we, and like the “lucky dress,” our shoes can change our moods and make us feel more confident, successful and sexy.blackshoesandballSo here’s a question for you: Can your shoes change your mood?  As always:  “Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life!”


Pluggz is a footwear brand featuring proprietary grounding technology. Pluggz shoes give people a direct connection to the Earth when they walk on grass, sand, soil and even concrete. To view our complete line, please click here.


Pluggz + vegetables+ gardening.  Could there be a better match??

Pluggz + vegetables+ gardening. Could there be a better match??


Think about vegetables and fruit: Many fruits and vegetables contain magnesium, an essential mineral that aids muscle and nerve function; boosts immunity; prevents inflammation; wards off depression and migraines; maintains normal heart rhythm and more

Dark leafy greens, like kale, spinach and beet greens, as well as bananas, avocados, green beans and nuts and seeds are some of the highest sources.

Now let’s think about grounding: Our bodies are very electrical. The Earth is one of the most powerful electrical sources and, because of our stress-filled and busy lives, we often lack electrons, causing an imbalance and a reaction called “static charge,” which can be pretty harmful to our health.

When we connect to the earth, we flood our bodies with electrons, reducing inflammation and making us calmer, happier and more grounded and able to cope. Speaking of inflammation, science is constantly revealing that it’s a cause of many chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disorders.

Now let’s think about shoes: One of the best ways to connect to the Earth is to walk barefoot, like the caveman did. That’s not always practical these days, though, is it?  Could you just see it—walking into a business meeting barefoot?!

Most shoes today have soles made of synthetic materials, making them insulators, not conductors, interfering with the absorption of electrons, and cutting off any flow of the earth’s energy to the body—but pluggz are different.

Every pair of pluggz grounding and earthing shoes contains soft black plugs made from a proprietary custom-formulated carbon and rubber compound that sit under the weight bearing part of your feet, carefully engineered and designed to simply conduct the flow of the earth’s electrons in to your body every time you take a step on the ground. When this happens, you get grounded effortlessly, your body is flooded with the antioxidant effect and inflammation is reduced.

To learn more about grounding, please watch the following video. Your health will thank you!



Pluggz is a footwear brand featuring proprietary grounding technology. Pluggz shoes give people a direct connection to the Earth when they walk on grass, sand, soil and even concrete. To view our complete line, please click here.








We’ve all heard the comments: “40 is the new 20,” or “50 is the new 30,” but some insist that is not so.

“We are in such a youth-oriented society that we’re in denial,” Annabelle Gurwitch, comedienne and author, I See You Made an Effort, told Bill Mahar earlier this year.  Mahar is the host of the television show “Real Time.”

As we age, we have different nutritional, exercise, skincare, supplementation needs, and more, she said noting that, “No one who’s 20 or 30 is going to believe it anyway.”

So accept your age, embrace it, live healthfully, and be vibrant and sexy!

As you take your journey, remember:

  • Eat as healthfully as possible! We all know the Hippocratic Oath, “First do no harm”—but Hippocrates also said “Let food be thy medicine.”That said, fill up on fruits and vegetables. Besides vitamins and minerals, you’ll get loads of antioxidants, substances that destroy free radicals, rogue cells that are responsible for disease and aging—just think of a free radical as human rust.
  •  Incorporate physical activity in daily life. Not everyone loves the gym. That’s okay, but the alternative is NOT to do nothing! Incorporate fitness into daily life; we know someone who makes sure she walks at least 1,000 steps per day and always takes stairs rather than the elevator/escalator. Run, hike, swim, play tennis, garden, etc.
  • Get enough sleep. At least 70 million U.S. adults experience sleep disorders, says the Centers for Disease Control.

Chronic sleep deprivation affects all systems: immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular and everyone should aim for 7.5 or 8.0 hours per night/

  • Take care of your skin. Research shows that skin actually ages itself,” Dr. SteveTsoutsouras once said. “All skin contains an enzyme called Arnox that produces free radicals; everyone has it .He noted that the aging process begins in our 20’s; as we age, cells don’t turnover as fast and skin takes longer to heal. When we don’t take care of our skin, by smoking, excessive drinking, or being thoughtless about your skin care products, it speeds up the aging process even more.




The experts at Pantone gave their spring 2015 color trend predictions at New York’s Fall Fashion Week.

We’re going to see a lot of soft, cool colors like greens and classic blues combined with classic neutrals. Neutral usually means “without color,” so that would be the blacks, whites, taupes, etc.

Lucky for all of us, pluggz comes in an assortment of colors, including green, blue, ivory, taupe, herringbone and more.  Let’s not forget our ultra-hot quilted black ballet flat!


That said, the best way to do this is to combine the colors; for example, you might want to add a touch of color to the little black dress by pairing it with our red and black quilted ballet flat.  Maybe you’d want to tone down that ultra-colorful skirt with a black, taupe or herringbone.

How would you wear your pluggz?  We’d love to hear.





blackshoesandballHaving to box things back up, and those long, long lines in the post office. Shopping online, and having to return makes us all shudder, right?

Well, with some know-how, understanding and preparation, your online shoe shopping can be just as satisfying as an in-store experience.  No returns necessary!

 You need shoes that fit the way you walk and give the necessary support, according to Dr. Michael Gazaleh, DC, of Hudson Family Rehab in New Jersey, noting that “Many times it’s fashion over function and that’s when we usually buy the wrong type of shoe.

The shoe should feel good the minute it’s on the foot, with no break-in period. “Otherwise, you’re just damaging your foot while wearing the shoe,” said Dr. Oliver Zong, DPM, of NYC Footcare, noting that sizes change not only with age, but with life events, such as pregnancy.  “Don’t assume that the size that was right for you a year ago is necessarily right for you now,” he said

When shopping online, Dr. Dina Tsentseresky, DPM, also of NYC Footcare, gave these suggestions:

  1. Know your foot size. Measure, preferably, at the end of the day when feet are tired and achy from the day’s wear-and-tear.
  2. Know the shoe as much as possible. Do they run large, small, wide or narrow? What about the toebox and heel? Do they stretch with wear?
  3. Know your own foot. Is your arch high? Do you have a bunion? Heel problems?

Finally, she adds, pay attention to materials; for instance, a natural, such as leather, breathes better than a synthetic.

Pluggz Footwear knows that shopping for shoes online can be daunting and the thought of returning is sometimes a hassle. We have created a customer service that will talk to you before you buy, so if you are one of those people who have trouble with fit, our customer service people are there. We know everyone wants to be both stylish AND comfortable. We created our shoes with a special custom designed cut-out in the heel of all our grounding shoes, ballet flats included. So don’t be afraid, order online – and walk around the globe in style and comfort.