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We all know autumn leaves can be a sight to behold and there are those of us who even revel in that first coating of frost and the chance to wear our new fall garb. There’s another reason, and every bit as important; the outdoors has treasures to tap into and nourish our bodies as well. Nature and the earth right beneath our feet — all free for the taking — can replenish your energy and revitalize your soul and soles.

In his much acclaimed work, Richard Louv, author of numerous books and the originator of the phrase “Nature Deficit Disorder”, speaks convincingly about the benefits of the outdoors and the loss of modern society’s connection to the scientifically proven health benefits of nature and absorbing the incredible birthright that exists in the greenery around us, and yes, the ground beneath your feet. Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix also speaks glowingly on the topic.

We call it “Vitamin Ground”
Grounding, also called Earthing, is our story. Two new studies just published in Pub Med join the over 20 scientific papers on the outstanding benefits of getting grounded. Pluggz, of course, wants you to also feel pretty, another wellness benefit, so we continue to feature super comfy and fashionable shoes so you can be an insider while being an outsider.

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