The Best Things in Life are Not Always Free

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We’ve all heard the phrase about the best things in life being free. It often is a truism, however, there are times when they are not the best; in fact to the contrary. We are talking about something called FREE RADICALS.

 Free radicals are scavenger molecules that are missing an electron. They can cause cell mutations, damage immune function, and exacerbate wrinkles and aging, and are a contributing cause behind many chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and vision loss. Disease also tend to create free radicals, as does modern living – environmental pollution, poor nutrition. Our bodies are constantly creating free radicals and at an astonishing speed. The antidote to free radicals is the antioxidant. We make some antioxidants naturally and others are traditionally supplied in our diets by eating fruits and vegetables. Environmental influences, among them stress and pollution, have increased our need for antioxidants well beyond what our bodies are capable of producing, and certainly beyond what we eat. Free radicals are ever present in modern lifestyles. We can certainly look to change our diets and lifestyles to avoid encountering these pesky irritants and harmful agents. They none the less are pervasive and will persist.

 There is another and natural solution, however, that helps mitigate against their proliferation – it’s called “grounding”. Also referred to as earthing, grounding is most rapidly accomplished by  getting your feet directly in contact with the earth. This helps restores electrons in to your body. The earth is a natural energy field and in early days people went barefoot as a way of life and then wore pure leather skins as footwear.  No longer do we live in a world where this is a way of life. Synthetic soles shoes also are a culprit in today’s world; they insulate us from the flow of this natural energy called electrons entering our bodies. So, get your barefoot tootsies on the ground whenever you can or wear footwear that is “conductive” and allow for the this amazing life force to enter your bodies and support your well-being.

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