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A Grounded Look into Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp: A Grounded Take

Some of you may not remember this film, or may have never even seen it, but the name lingered on. Definitely catchy. In our world at pluggz, we have become very fond of this phrase. We are of course speaking about the classic Lady and the Tramp, but in the world of grounding shoes, tramp is abbreviated for trampoline, as in our trampoline heel. This is a core feature in our grounding shoes, also called earthing shoes. So what’s this all about?

Trampoline heel groundedThe trampoline heel is actually an original, well-engineered classic heel design. Over the years many shoes have been constructed boasting new and elaborate technologies and special exclusive features. We’ve gone the other way, back in time, however. We believe that tried and true “classics” are good – and always “in”. The custom designed cut-out in the bottom of all pluggz grounding ballet flats (also called earthing ballet flats) allows the heel bone — the calcaneus bone — to stay centered because of the soft spot in the center of the heel. This cut-out has a “trampoline effect” and offers cushioning during one’s heel strike and takes weight away, rather than adds to the load of solid rubber. This also makes our shoes more comfortable to wear.

The sole in all pluggz grounding shoes and earthing shoes made with this heel design is that they have the benefits of a wedge since the medial side/inside of the sole is filled-in, while keeping the look of a heel on the lateral/outside of the shoe. This helps support the foot and keeps it more stable. As a result of this design detail, there is no need for what’s called a shank and this keeps the shoe lighter and softer.

The simple version is, the trampoline heel designed in all pluggz shoes makes for a “light step” while supporting your heel bone at the same time. Some have shared with us this has also made a huge difference in how they stand (now straighter up without leaning to one side). Others have reported the reduction of full absence of back pain they used to have when wearing other shoes.

Further on the classic old news front is even what is more special about pluggz shoes. (We were saving best for last). In fact it goes back to ancient times, when man and woman first set foot on earth. It’s called grounding or earthing. What this is all about is quite simple to understand. It is also scientifically substantiated in numerous studies as well. The earth is an electrical body and has potent natural energy inside it in the form of electrons.

Our bodies, too, are electrical fields, and we were meant to have the flow of this natural energy in to our bodies when we first came on this earth to have a normalized body state.  This happened when we went barefoot much of the time and also wore leather skinned soles on our shoes. We don’t do either much anymore.

Over many centuries leading to the advent of modern times, most of us have lost this direct and constant connection to the earth. As a result, we are not getting this revitalizing energy in to our bodies. Put in other terms, we are “electron deficient”. So what, you say? Well, the so what is, this is not great for your body. Existing reports show that being more electronically balanced — which happens when you get grounded, helps recue inflammation, lower stress, increase circulation, boost vitality, make you more balanced – even happier. Who wouldn’t settle for some of this, let alone all?

So, here’s to the Tramp — and to the past. What’s old is fast becoming new.

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