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Turn your walk into a meditation!

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As we head into Thanksgiving and the busy holiday season, walks can be the best form of self-therapy! Even a short walk (only fifteen to twenty minutes) can be rejuvenating, grounding and even a form of meditation.

A crisp Fall walk can leave you feeling energized, refreshed, more positive, and in the present moment.  Use your time outside as you would time on the yoga mat–as a chance to breathe, to practice self-love, and connect to the world around you.

Here’s How To Make Your Walk a Meditation In Motion

  1. Ditch the technology

Keep the cell phoned stored in your pocket, a running belt, or, if you feel safe, at home. Ditch the ear buds and silence your iTunes. Turning off technology allows you to tune into to YOU. Listen to your breath as you inhale and exhale. Hear the birds chirping around you, cars honking, cyclists passing you, and the buzz of life surounding you.  Music, texting, chatting on the phones to friends are all great but it can take you away from the present moment and make you less aware of your surroundings. Let your breathe and the noise around you be the music to move you along.

  1. Appreciate your surroundings


Find somewhere to walk that makes you feel good–preferably somewhere beautiful! The treadmill or mall walking may be fine for rainy days, but when the sun is shining (or if there are just a few flurries)–get outside, walk in nature and appreciate the sights around you. Even if it’s just a neighborhood filled with houses or apartment complexes, notice and appreciate your surroundings. Even if you walk the same route every single day, there is always something different to find pleasure in. Feel the air on your skin as you walk, the sun beating down (or clouds covering the sun), the feel of the ground beneath your Pluggz, and experience the wonder that is the great outdoors

  1. Smile

Try smiling while you walk. Even if you must force a small grin, you will soon find yourself better connect to the world. Smile at a stranger. Smile at a leaf falling down from the sky. Smile at the feel of your heel striking the ground. Smile at the light shining from someone’s house. Smile because you’re giving yourself a much needed treat–the gift of presence.

The most important thing is to just move, breathe, and feel your feet firmly planted on the ground.  Bonus points if you are wearing your Pluggz for added grounding and present moment awareness!

Do you schedule time for walks? How do you create a few moments of mindful meditation as we head into the busy Fall season? Let us know in the comments below!

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