How Not to Hinder Your Happiness and Success



“We’re close to another New Year,” says Jim Ryan, founder and president of Jim Ryan Talks, an organization dedicated to the cultivation and development of each individual’s potential for living a life full of joy, fulfillment and success. Jim is also author of Simple Happiness, 52 Easy Ways to Lighten Up.

He continues: “Take steps to make your life better, to accomplish something great. Come up with one thing that you intend to make happen in 2015.”

Need more inspiration?  Following are some excerpts from Jim’s blog:

  • Live with purpose and awareness:  Your life is made of both small and big things. Pay special attention to how you feel in each moment. That awareness will help you live a life of more purpose, with  better choices and better feelings.
  • Release the parking brake of your life. Our limiting beliefs are like a parking brake. Once we rid ourselves of those beliefs that tell us who we can’t be and what we can’t do, watch out—because we’ll start living life full speed ahead.

Many of us live our lives like we’re driving a car with the parking brake on…going through the motions but not really living.

  • Harness the power of your mind. Build a strong belief in yourself. Be determined. Be positive. What is your goal? Make the attainment of that goal your dominant thought. Visualize your achievement often during the day. When the negative thoughts arrive, acknowledge them and maybe even thank them for their service– but quickly turn to the affirmation of your success.
    Check out this short video. Refer to it often.
  • Enjoy your own company: “ I crack up laughing whenever I hear someone say ‘I was bored out of my mind. It’s okay to be bored. When we notice ourselves feeling bored, that’s the best time to work on enjoying our own company. It’s time to reflect, plan, dream, to connect with our divine side. Notice when you have nothing pressing to do. Sit for a minute or two and just think. Reflect. Consider what you love about yourself. Consider the many ways in which you are blessed. Be happy with who you are. Check out this video and enjoy one of nature’s beauties:
  • Focus on your accomplishments:  What have you done that you feel good about? Look at everything: family, career, personal, health & fitness, money saved, debt reduced, books read, trips taken, volunteering. List the big things and the little ones. Feel good about what you have achieved. (Editor’s note:  We once knew someone who kept a “Success Log” and whenever she had a particularly difficult day, she’d pull it out to read.  Too often we just focus and beat ourselves up.)


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