Many civilizations dating back to 4,000B.C. used silver – a precious metal — for a variety of wellness and medical applications. In fact it was considered the primary antimicrobial agent prior to the advent of pharmaceutical antibiotics dating back to the early 1940s. Today, silver – a time-tested and well documented solution to many of

Here at pluggz we are all about exploring different health communities so we were very excited to connect with yoga Master, Vanessa Spina. We chatted with her about everyone’s  favorite (or least favorite!) yoga move- backbends. Did you know? Backbends have many health benefits and are recommended as a holistic alternative for heart patients. When

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How To Prevent Conference Fatigue:  How to stay grounded at your next conference, workshop, or long training. Long days in chilly hotel rooms where you mingle with strangers (or friends), breathe in air conditioning, and stand for hours on end can be a mix of excitement and fatigue. You often leave these situations sick, tired,