Many civilizations dating back to 4,000B.C. used silver – a precious metal — for a variety of wellness and medical applications. In fact it was considered the primary antimicrobial agent prior to the advent of pharmaceutical antibiotics dating back to the early 1940s. Today, silver – a time-tested and well documented solution to many of

We first published this blog post in early 2013 but we think it bares repeating. Earthing or grounding as it is commonly known is starting to come to into its own. More and more people are learning about the theraputic effects of grounding or earthing. According to James Oschman PhD., a recognized expert in the

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Make your walk

As we head into Thanksgiving and the busy holiday season, walks can be the best form of self-therapy! Even a short walk (only fifteen to twenty minutes) can be rejuvenating, grounding and even a form of meditation. A crisp Fall walk can leave you feeling energized, refreshed, more positive, and in the present moment.  Use your