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We all know autumn leaves can be a sight to behold and there are those of us who even revel in that first coating of frost and the chance to wear our new fall garb. There’s another reason, and every bit as important; the outdoors has treasures to tap into and nourish our bodies as

Pluggz Grounding Footwear


You may nostalgically remember hearing the saying, “Mother knows best.” You may have even heard it from your own mother as she was sharing her pearls of wisdom, half-listened as you rolled your eyes, and even silently snickered. But you might want to pay more attention now.  When it comes to a range of ailments,

Pluggz Grounding Footwear

Most of us love that yummy feeling of swishing our bare feet on grass or in sand on the beach. There’s a reason. It’s physiological. The ground has natural energy stored inside called electrons which our bodies need – some crave. When our feet make direct contact with the ground these electrons flow into our


The ancients knew and now we, too, are fast becoming well informed about the amazing wellness benefits of getting grounded. Also known as earthing, grounding is the term used when our bodies get in sync with the earth’s natural energies through the flow of stored electrons back in to our bodies. Some of us who

Many civilizations dating back to 4,000B.C. used silver – a precious metal — for a variety of wellness and medical applications. In fact it was considered the primary antimicrobial agent prior to the advent of pharmaceutical antibiotics dating back to the early 1940s. Today, silver – a time-tested and well documented solution to many of

We first published this blog post in early 2013 but we think it bares repeating. Earthing or grounding as it is commonly known is starting to come to into its own. More and more people are learning about the theraputic effects of grounding or earthing. According to James Oschman PhD., a recognized expert in the